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    "The Lightning Never Left The Bottle": 20 Fan Reactions To The "Party Down" Reboot That'll Make You Want To Watch ASAP

    That twist!

    More than a decade after its cancelation, Party Down is back with a third season.

    As of this post's writing, only one episode has been released, but so far, it seems like it might just live up to the original run.

    Here are 20 fans who are loving the reboot already:


    We live in a world with a new season of party down. Life isn’t all bad.

    Twitter: @acpotus


    #PartyDown The reboot, based on the 1st episode, has a different rhythm than the original—more structurally built than improv random—but it’s still funny. I thought the ending was very clever. Also: ‘What are you doing now?’ ‘I’m a high school English teacher.’ ‘On what show?’

    Starz / Via Twitter: @RKing618


    haven't watched the old Party Down szns in a minute, but loved the show and the first episode of the 'reboot' was so good to the point where it didn't even make me feel like the old show went away for years - loved it

    Twitter: @kemichels


    The way #PartyDown seamlessly picked up where it left off without missing a beat at all is insane. I was hyped and everything, but I cannot believe how perfectly "Party Down" it was. The lightning never left the bottle.

    Twitter: @kbschlitty


    The #PartyDown revival was solid! It won't capture the same magic of the original two seasons (how improvised the acting was and how gritty the camera work was) but I laughed quite a couple of time.

    Twitter: @cinephile1997


    I am so happy #PartyDown is back. Still so good, still so funny!

    Starz / Via Twitter: @clarkewolfe


    Hey LA it’s raining great time to watch the new Party Down which is fucking hilarious-doesn’t miss a beat

    Twitter: @citylifejc


    My expectations were very low but the new #PartyDown turned out to be much better than anything I could've imagined. I hope the rest of the season is just as good because now my expectations are wayyy up.

    Twitter: @morhac


    TV revivals seldom work. Some of them really make you feel like maybe they should have left it alone. But thankfully #PartyDown is not only off to a fantastic start, I liked it so much, had to watch the episode again today. Such a joy to see this ensemble together again.

    Starz / Via Twitter: @Ajumplakdibampa


    .@quintabrunson being in the #PartyDown S3 premiere was such a pleasant surprise 😍

    Twitter: @AdamRida


    So glad that #PartyDown is back on #STARZ! Jennifer Garner is a brilliant addition!

    Twitter: @paxbinky


    #PartyDown has still very much got it, so excited to see the rest of season 3!!!!

    Twitter: @daniyrselfclean


    I’m so happy about the #PartyDown reboot. The first new episode features nothing short of a masterclass in physical comedy by @KenMarino

    Starz / Via Twitter: @KellyRDearmore


    Watched the first episode of the new PARTY DOWN last night and am relieved to report that it's great. Lizzy Caplan not being around is a bitter pill to swallow, to be sure, but everything else that worked about that series has been kept intact. Thank Christ. More please.

    Twitter: @ScottWamplerRIP


    Party Down is my favorite contemporary comedy. I felt some trepidation toward a revival because that shit never works. All the reviewers have been raving, which I hoped wasn't just hype. It's not! It's fucking great! Can't wait to see more!

    Twitter: @_motherslug


    Is #PartyDown funny to people who haven’t worked in the restaurant industry? Because as someone who has it is so, so personal to me

    Starz / Via Twitter: @kat__writes


    new party down is a miracle. not gonna lie my expectations were tempered but feels like it didn’t miss a beat.

    Twitter: @Boringstein


    new Party Down is great. Ken Marino undefeated when it comes to onscreen suffering and abject humiliation

    Twitter: @alexqarbuckle


    Party Down really is the master of cringe comedy for all time.

    Starz / Via Twitter: @theradiospiel


    the Party Down revival has no right being as good as it is, but it is 😭

    Twitter: @Chris_Osborn

    Have you started watching the Party Down revival yet? What do you think of it? Sound off in the comments!