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    Posted on Dec 22, 2017

    16 Legit Truths If You've Ever Worked Holidays At A Restaurant

    Working on New Year's Eve = literal hell.

    1. Every restaurant worker dreads the month of December...

    2. For starters, there's absolutely zero chance of getting your holiday shifts covered...

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    Good luck with that.

    3. And customers will inevitably become bitter due to the stresses of the holiday season...

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    Sadly, it's your job to keep up that ~holiday cheer.~

    4. Your friends will start asking you if you have Christmas day off.

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    But the truth is you have NEVER had Christmas day off.

    5. And even when it snows five feet overnight, your boss STILL makes you come into work...

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    Free refills > your safety.

    6. That's because everyone is "treating themselves" for the holidays, so the restaurant gets SLAMMED.

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    7. And when it's the week between Christmas and New Year's, the rush of people becomes OVERWHELMING.

    I hear that printer printing, print-ting-tingling, too — in my sleep. 💀

    8. Your tables all start telling you how much they're enjoying their time off.

    Tell me more as I refill your water glasses.

    9. And the dining room plays the same damn Christmas song over and over again.

    ♪ There is just one thing I need ♪ (a new job).

    10. And all your tables say the same darn thing: “Wow, they’re making you work on Christmas Eve?!"


    When the real question should be: "Wow, you're eating at this shit hole on Christmas eve?"

    11. You rush to do your closing work in the hopes of spending some time with family. / Via

    Not gonna happen.

    12. And when you work the bar shift during New Year's Eve, the customers turn into ACTUAL monsters...

    Here it goes again...

    13. And they start breaking glasses, screaming, and (worst of all) throwing up...

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    Can you not?

    14. And then (just like last year) every damn table asks you to take their picture at midnight.

    15. But luckily, some customers turn into generous tippers during the holidays.


    Making that moneyyyyy!

    16. So you suck it up and survive another holiday restaurant season.

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    Lucky for you, January is pretty slow.