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What Are Your Best Cooking Tips For Beginners?

Tell us!

Learning to cook can be difficult.


At first, it seems that everything you cook turns out terrible.


Chicken breasts come out raw, brownies under baked ― even plain old rice turns out nasty.

But after time, you start to learn tricks that transform your cooking experiments into something you actually want to eat.


You become smarter, faster, and more confident in the kitchen.

You learn tricks like how to cook rice without having to bust out your measuring cups...

It's all about the finger trick.

Or how to sauté garlic without burning it.

Admit it, we all used to do it.

Or something as simple (but important) as seasoning as you go.

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It really does make a difference.

Do you have a trick or tip that helped you out when you first started cooking?


Something that every beginner cook should know?


Maybe you learned how to bake chicken breasts without drying them out, or how to properly boil pasta to that perfect al dente texture.

Tell us your best beginner cooking tips in the comments below and they could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!