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I Can't Stop Watching These Videos Of Pasta Being Made


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1. This rigatoni being expertly sliced off an extruder:

2. This cavatelli being flawlessly rolled with a butter knife:

3. This effortlessly formed trofie:

4. This hypnotizing clip of noodles being cut:

5. This pasta being sliced with a bench scraper:

6. This mesmerizing clip of campanelle being formed:

7. This delicate rolling of garganelli:

8. These spirals of fusilli being extruded:

9. This fresh chiocciole being formed:

10. This expertly rolled gnocco:

11. This speedy fusilli maker:

12. These adorable noodles being rolled with a stick:

13. This group of speedy gnocchi makers:

14. This pasta being flawlessly cut on a chitarra: