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12 Foods That Were Super Trendy Five Years Ago, But Not So Much Today


Food trends come and go, and some chefs are eager to jump on the ~trendy~ bandwagon.

So here are 12 food trends that chefs ~loved~ just a few years ago, but not so much today...

1. Foams made out of everything, on top of everything.

2. Food plated on anything but a plate.

3. Sous vide everything.

4. Kobe sliders served at "gastropubs."

5. The wave of molecular gastronomy.

6. An entire menu of shareable small plates.

7. Bacon and pork belly on literally everything.

8. Deconstructing everything.

9. Kimchi in everything, including tacos.

10. Pickled everything.

11. Fancy cupcakes.

12. Ramen overload.

But hey, how can we blame them? These foods were (and still are) delicious!

What cheffy food trends do you hate? Tell us below!