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14 Things Chefs Really Hate Being Asked

"What's your favorite thing to cook?"

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1. "What's your favorite thing to cook?"


Whatever I'm being paid to cook.

2. "I bet you eat the best food!"

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LOL, no. After cooking for 12 hours straight the last thing we want to do is spend even more time cooking for ourselves. Sadly, pizza and take-out are not uncommon.

3. "Do you like *insert celebrity chef here*?"


Sure, they're fun to watch on TV, but they have little in common with what restaurant chefs actually do. (So please don't think our jobs are anything like what you see on TV.)

4. "Why don't you audition for *insert TV cooking competition here*?"

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Why don't you audition for Big Brother? BECAUSE. I. DON'T. WANT. TO. OK?

5. "When will you get a real job?"


Last I checked, being a chef is a real job (and anyone who thinks otherwise clearly hasn't worked in a restaurant before). Let's 86 this question from now on, yes?

6. "Cooking all day sounds like my dream job!"


Same here! Unfortunately, we spend a lot of time submitting payroll, placing food orders, and digging ourselves out of the weeds instead of cooking.

7. "You know you can't work in a kitchen your whole life, right?"


Tell that to Jacques Pépin. *snaps side towel*

8. "Will you cook for me sometime?"

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No problem! I will send you my personal chef rate.

9. "What's the best way to cook *insert random food item here*?"


There are literally hundreds of ways to cook, and no single response can properly answer that question. Give us some more details and we'll try our best to help you.

10. "This isn't very fancy ― you probably won't like it."


Chefs love to eat ― and TBH, we're not always in the mood for fancy foods. Casseroles, hot dogs, and stews are totally fine by us!

11. "How do you stay so skinny?"

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Because we're literally running back and forth in a 100° F kitchen for 12 hours a day. The only time we have to eat is during our five-minute break standing over a garbage can.

12. "Do you want to open your own restaurant?"


Let's get this straight: not every chef wants to open a restaurant! (That's like asking every teller if they want to open their own bank.)

13. "Holidays must be delicious at your house!"

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LOL, no. Chefs are cooking on holidays, just not with their families. We work almost every weekend and are lucky to get just one day a week off (let alone a holiday).

14. "What is *insert obscure food term here*?"


Literally, no idea. There's an endless amount of food on this planet and (although we're fairly knowledgable) we're not familiar with these insanely obscure foods you keep asking us about. Umeboshi? No idea.

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