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Tell Us The Best Midwest Snacks The Rest Of The Country Needs

Grippo's potato chips, anyone?

Midwestern food is THE BEST.

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I meannnnnnn, just look at that puppy chow.

From Portillo's chocolate cake to comforting hot dish, Midwesterners know how to do food right...

And that definitely includes our snacks.

From chocolate covered potato chips (aka "chippers") to creamy Win Schuler's cheese spread, we have the absolute best regional snacks the rest of the country wishes they had.

So, what midwest snacks are the best? Any packaged foods you can get in Midwest grocery stores, but not on the coasts?

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Any chips, candies, buckeyes (!), or crackers that are especially delicious?

Tell us which Midwestern snacks are absolute must-tries in the comments below (and why they are the best) and they could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!