The Complete Guide To Basic Knife Cuts

    Everything you need to know to slice, dice, and chiffonade like a pro.

    When it comes to cooking, the first thing all beginners should learn is basic knife cuts. Not only will learning how to properly cut something prevent you from hurting yourself, but it'll actually make your food taste better, too.

    Having consistent knife cuts not only make your food look pretty, but they are also functional: Keeping the size consistent ensures that everything cooks evenly. Learning new knife cuts can be overwhelming: There's an endless variety of shapes and sizes you can cut your veggies into, and a million terms to describe them. To make things easier, we rounded up 12 of the most popular knife cuts to help familiarize yourself.

    Here are 12 of the most popular knife cuts you may come across in recipes:

    1. Chopped

    2. Dice (Small, Medium, and Large)

    3. Paste

    4. Rondelle

    5. Bias Cut

    6. Julienne (AKA Matchstick)

    7. Batonnet

    8. Shredding

    9. Paysanne

    10. Chiffonade

    11. Brunoise

    12. Tourné

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