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    This Is How Much Dev's Meals Cost On "Master Of None"

    Eating like Dev ain't cheap.

    Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard of a show called "Master of None" gaining some serious attention for it's A+ food scenes.


    With so many iconic eats crammed into the second season, I wondered just how much it would cost to eat like Dev.

    The following restaurants were either shown or mentioned in season two.


    Anytime the order was unclear, we went ahead and picked a few of the most popular dishes on the menu to get an idea of the price of an average meal at the restaurant. So, what did the tab come to?

    Tasting Menu With Wine Pairings at Osteria Francescana, Modena, Italy - $387.85 per person


    This legendary restaurant was once voted the best restaurant in the world (seriously) and boasts three Michelin stars. Chef Massimo Bottura himself (who you might recognize from an episode of Chef's Table) actually makes an appearance in this scene.

    Snacks at Salumeria Giusti, Modena, Italy - about $70

    Instagram: @andreacicu

    Seventy dollars will get you an antipasta, primi piatti, secondi piatti, and a dolci (a typical dinner spread) at the iconic restaurant where Dev ate for his birthday.

    Beer Braised Pig Sandwich at Slick Willie, Brooklyn, New York - $11


    This casual Brooklyn spot is known for it's no-frills food and craft cocktails (and is the perfect place to get your first taste of pork).

    Octopus, Cheese, and Beef Carpacio at Carbone, Greenwich Village, New York City - about $68


    This is what Chef Jeff orders when he meets Dev. A reasonable price for the quality of food (just don't go ordering several plates of mozz like chef Jeff did).

    Prix Fixe Menu at Oleanders, Brooklyn, New York - about $24.95 per person

    Instagram: @oleandersbk

    The go-to ordering option at this brunch hot spot includes bottomless mimosas for an hour and a half, so we assumed that's what everyone orders.

    Pork Belly at Thai Villa, Gramercy, New York City - about $20

    Instagram: @thaivillanyc

    The pork here is so good, Dev ordered it despite his family's disapproval.

    Sushi Kaiseki (tasting menu) at Shuko, East Village, New York City - $175 per person

    This extravagant ordering option provides diners with multiple courses of seasonal menu items. It was also mentioned as one of chef Jeff's several pre-dinners before he joined Dev at Carbone. Although we don't know Jeff's exact order, we can only assume he went all out.

    Tapas at Casa Mono, Gramercy, New York City - about $63

    We picked five tapas as a typical order at this not-so-cheap eatery mentioned as Chef Jeff's second dinner pregame (but with jamon, bacadillos, and fresh seafood, it's well worth the price).

    Paella at Tertulia, West Village, New York City - about $72

    Instagram: @tertulia_nyc

    This award-winning Spanish restaurant was the perfect spot for a romantic (yet completely platonic) dinner between Dev and Francesca. We assumed they got the paella, because why would you order anything else?

    Pasta and Fish at Il Buco, NoHo, New York City - about $56

    Don't be a lame date and get the pasta at this under-the-radar foodie destination where Dev ate his way through a painfully awkward dinner with Priya.

    Drinks at Please Don't Tell, East Village, New York City - about $26

    The awkward date continued with two drinks coming in at almost $30 from this ultra-creative bar. We assumed he ordered at least two drinks to make it through that disastrous date.

    Total Tab: about $973.80


    And that is just some of the food from season two. But hey,

    good food isn't cheap. Time to blow that Clash Of The Cupcakes salary!