16 Parchment-Wrapped Dinners For People Who Hate Dishes

Zero guilt. Zero dishes.

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Cooking in parchment paper packets, aka "en papillote", is a long-standing French technique. These recipes are perfect make-ahead dinners you can pop in the oven for a mess-free meal anytime (although you should cook fish recipes no more than one day after prepping, and chicken no more than two).

Tin foil can be substituted for any of these recipes, but parchment is the classic choice. Foil sometimes reacts with the acid in foods (like marinades), which can make the food taste off. Learn how to pull off the classic "en papillote" fold below, and get your crimp on with these 16 recipes!

1. Mango-Ginger Boneless Chicken Breasts in Parchment

This recipe adds serious flavor to (sometimes sad) boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Sweet mango, spicy jalapeño and fresh ginger steam this chicken in a flavor-packed pouch.

Get the recipe here.

2. Parchment-Baked Salmon With Miso Butter

This recipe uses a secret ingredient (miso butter) to steam salmon in a savory sauna of umami goodness. Bonus: The parchment packet keeps your house from smelling like fish.

Get the recipe here.