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    Only A True Chef Will Laugh At All 28 Of These Memes

    Chef humor is the best humor.

    1. The phantom printer noises you hear while you sleep.


    2. When you 86 a menu item and servers continue to ring it up anyways.


    3. When your savage coworkers take all of your supplies.

    4. Especially Sharpies, peelers, side towels, and tape.

    5. When you wash your chef coat and forget to take the Sharpies out of your pocket. / Via

    And even worse, when they burst open and stain your other clothes.

    6. The fact that no one can recognize you outside of the kitchen.

    Getty Images / Via

    "Wait, you have hair?!"

    7. When you compare sheet pan burns with other chefs.

    Especially the ones from sizzle platters.

    8. This meme that pretty much sums up your entire existence.

    Disney/Pixar / Via


    9. This sad but true statement.

    Facebook: ChefMemes

    "Hey Jen, think you could cover grill station and garde manger tonight?"

    10. When you cave in and treat yourself to those fancy pair of Dansko shoes.

    Instagram: @server_life / Via Facebook: ChefMemes

    No slipping in these bad boys.

    11. This classic example of chef humor.

    Facebook: ChefMemes

    Respect the Walken.

    12. Your daily meditation.

    Disney / Via Facebook: ChefMemes

    ~Takes a deep breath.~

    13. And ~occasionally~ crying in it, too.

    Fox / Via Facebook: ChefMemes

    Don't judge me.

    14. The fact that servers just DON'T. GET. IT.

    Facebook: ChefMemes

    The difference between FOH and BOH is truly night and day.

    15. That one chef who decides to add nonfunctional garnishes to every damn dish.

    But why?

    16. When you start breaking down the kitchen at 10:45 instead of 11:00.

    New Line Cinema / Via Instagram: @nicolejackson2037

    This is a risk I'm willing to take.

    17. When your prep list is the size of a Stephen King novel.

    Instagram: @the_chefs_circle

    Well, looks like it's going to be a long shift.

    18. This heart-stopping moment.

    Instagram: @the_disgruntled_chef


    19. When you finally finish your shift.

    Orion Pictures/The Weinstein Company / Via Instagram: @azchefmeme

    I'm good, I'm good.

    20. When your restaurant invests in one of those fancy new robot ovens.

    Instagram: @lollipop516 / Via

    Easy and breezy.

    21. When you have a double sinus infection and bronchitis.

    22. This truly impressive accomplishment.

    Nickelodeon / Via

    ~pats self on back~

    23. When the Friday dinner rush hits and the printer just keeps printing.

    Instagram: @chasing_suns_hanzo

    Where do I begin?

    24. This moment of pure ~joy~.

    Instagram: @bordyx

    HAHAHA — losers.

    25. This visual representation of the kitchen crew during service.

    Nickelodeon / Via Instagram: @the_disgruntled_chef

    Everything's fine.

    26. This dark AF meme that'll make any chef sob and laugh.

    NBC / Via Instagram: @chef_wade

    My cold, undercooked soul is cackling.

    27. This moral dilemma:

    Nickelodeon / Via Instagram: @mkarixb

    I'll just pretend I didn't see anything...

    28. TFW you wrap up a 16-hour shift.

    New Line Cinema / Via Instagram: @chefstuff

    I'm a shell of myself.