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14 Things That'll Piss You Off If You've Ever Worked In A Kitchen

These are not OK.

1. This precarious situation:

2. This single pickle someone decided to store away:

3. This single piece of pepperoni that someone thought was worth saving:

4. This inevitable outcome:

5. Just the fact that this sauce exists:

6. This not-so-smart AC system that gets sucked right into the hood:

7. This can of tomato paste someone "stored" for later:

8. This pasta being rapidly (and creatively) cooled down:

9. This pile of cut bell peppers that have tiny pieces of label still stuck on them:

10. This. Just this:

11. This depressing salad prep:

12. These frozen sausages that have been "defrosting for hours":

13. This sad, makeshift can opener:

14. When a printer reboots itself and starts printing out every order of the night:

H/T: r/KitchenConfidential/. 👨‍🍳