12 Foodie Instagram Accounts You Seriously Should Follow

    Time to get inspired (and hungry)!

    Some of the best Instagram food accounts don't have millions of followers...

    So here are 12 underrated Instagram food accounts that'll inspire you to get into the kitchen:

    1. For stunning photos of next-level pies, doughs, and cakes: @emcdowell

    2. For behind-the-scenes photos of Martha Stewart's test kitchen: @tojo827

    3. For beautiful photos of fresh, seasonal recipes: @feedtheswimmers

    4. For some serious baking inspiration: @akristofcak

    5. For stylish food spreads shot by a pro food photographer: @chelsealouisekyle

    6. For a glimpse into how a test kitchen chef actually eats at home: @sarahcarey1

    7. For photos of delicious foods made at home, as well as eaten at restaurants: @ameliarampe

    8. For insanely impressive cake designs: @cococakeland

    9. For vegetarian recipes that even a hardcore carnivore will love: @evergreenkitchen_

    10. For vibrant photos of fresh California cooking: @coopercairns

    11. For a behind-the-scenes look at Ellen Bennett's (AKA the Apron Lady) colorful food and apron-filled life: @ellenmariebennett

    12. For weekend baking projects that often include sprinkles: @brianharthoffman

    What are your favorite underrated Instagram food accounts? Add them in the comments below!