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16 Restaurant Customers Every Server Hates Waiting On

Don't be this customer...

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1. That one customer who thinks they're hilarious: / Via Nickelodeon

So original!

2. The customer who comes in five minutes before closing:

"Ya'll are still open, right?"
Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @okmute

"Ya'll are still open, right?"

3. Those customers that freak out on you, then come back a week later:

Well, well, well — look who it is.

4. The customers who think they're being generous, but are actually just completely unaware: / Via Sony Pictures Television

Wow, how very thoughtful of you!

5. The tables that ask you to sing them happy birthday:

Why would anyone want this? Do you enjoy being sung at? I don't...

6. The table that prays before they eat:

Alrighhhhhht then.

7. Customers who don't even TRY to clean up after their children / Via Lionsgate Films

Does this look like a daycare?

8. Those customers who complain on Yelp instead of IRL:

Why didn't you just say something then?

9. The diners who have literal novels worth of allergies:

Allergic to black pepper? Really? Realllllllly?

10. Those customers that ask you for every possible thing they can get for free:


11. Those customers that bark their drink orders at you before you even get the chance to greet them: / Via VH1


12. Or the ones that just ignore you altogether: / Via Fox

Cool, cool. Nice, real nice.

13. The customers that threaten you by saying they know the owner: / Via Warner Bros.

Well I actually WORK with them! (:

14. Those diners who ask you for nutritional info:

Umm, this is a restaurant, NOT a packaged food.

15. The full-grown adults that still order off the kid's menu: / Via History Channel

Can you not?

16. The customers who ask you questions they can clearly answer themselves:

I don't know, why don't you look outside?

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