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16 People Who Should Be Very, Very, Very Ashamed

Prepare to seriously piss off your server.

1. Customers who do stuff like this just to be petty:

Twitter: @katmcc11


2. Or pull this nonsense:

Instagram: @server_life

You BETTER be sorry.

3. People who don't understand that if you can't afford to tip, you can't afford to eat out.

Instagram: @glitteryskullz

So maybe don't eat out?

4. Like, you realize servers aren't responsible for the actual cooking, right?

5. Anyone who thinks this is funny:

Not. Funny.

6. People who come in with a literal novel of dietary restrictions.

Instagram: @server_life

I get that this is valid, but I also get that this is ridiculous.

7. People who order like this:

Instagram: @princesajazmin21

Why don't you just stay home and create your own salad?

8. Or this:


9. Or people who use God as an excuse for not tipping well.

Excuse me, what?

10. Like, seriously, Jesus ain't gonna pay my bills.

This is NOT better than money...

11. Customers who let their children act like animals and completely trash the place.

Restaurants are NOT daycares.

12. Diners who make a mess in the bathroom.

Come onnnnn.

13. Like, really...

14. People who rip apart their straw wrappers and coasters just to be annoying.

You know I have to clean this up, right?

15. Customers who ask you to split their check into like 10 separate bills.

Instagram: @serverproblems

Honestly just Venmo each other at this point!

16. People who do this, then complain about being up-charged for it:

Instagram: @hollykins_shaye

If you're gonna order a gallon of sauce, expect to pay for it!