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25 Signs You Went To Culinary School

*cuts potato into a tournée shape*

1. You "86" everyday objects.

86 chicken! 86 my bank account! 86 my life!

2. You fight the urge to yell "HOT BEHIND" or "SHARP" in public places.

Instagram: @bluntroll

Gotta get people to move somehow...

3. You have your own recipe for "stain remover."

Instagram: @phoenyxphyre

Bleach + borax + salt = clean whites.

4. You have shown up to a stage wearing a toque.

Excentric_01 / Getty Images

And quickly learned NOBODY wears toques in the real world.

5. You know how to perform a tournée cut.

Instagram: @dontpetmytiger

Why would you EVER cut a potato like this?

6. You know that side towels are a hot commodity.

Amazon / Via

"Does that towel have my name on it?"

7. You think it's completely normal for classes to start at 2 a.m.

Why must baking classes start SO early?

8. You always have the best/weirdest leftovers in your fridge.

What can I make with turkey gravy, dried lavender, and macarons?

9. You have Sharpies all over your room, car, and locker, but never when you need them.

Instagram: @actsing4me

How does this happen?

10. You know just how much facial hair you can get away with.

Getty Images / Via

Which is basically none.

11. Your dorm room has turned into a professional knife-sharpening service on more than one occasion.

Instagram: @ernastee

"Anyone have a 1,000 grit?"

12. You know that quart containers are actually just adult sippy cups.

Instagram: @cupcakekitschen

They hold the PERFECT amount of iced coffee to get you through class.

13. You know how TERRIBLE it feels to go to class hungover.

Ariwasabi / Getty Images

Making fish stock at 4 a.m. while hungover = DEATH.

14. You resist yelling "CORNER" every time you turn an aisle at the grocery store.

Getty Images / Via

You can NEVER be too careful.

15. Your fridge is FIFO'ed, ServeSafe compliant, and blue-taped.

Instagram: @renskywalker


16. You know how to get yourself to class NO. MATTER. WHAT.

Because you knew if you skipped you would have a 90% chance of failing.

17. You are constantly reaching for your phantom arm Sharpie.

And realizing it doesn't exist...

18. You fight the urge to respond "YES, CHEF" to your non-culinary bosses.

Fox / Via

The ONLY way to respond to authority.

19. You slapped the bag in the walk-in on more than one occasion...

And were terrified your chef would find out.

20. Your classmates don't recognize you in civilian clothing.

"You have long hair?!"

21. You secretly love swapping burn/scar stories with everyone.

"Oh, this one? That was from bread class."

22. You still have panic attacks every time your alarm goes off.

Cartoon Network / Via


23. You use the phrase "in the weeds" during daily conversation.

Pixar / Via

My life will forever be "in the weeds."

24. You still remember your signature tape color.

Instagram: @deeannaaab

Or pattern...

And although it kicked your butt, getting that crystal-clear consommé was worth every murky mistake.

Wavebreakmedia / Getty Images