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    17 Ridiculous Labeling Fails Only Restaurant Workers Will Find Funny

    Bae leaves and synonym are my favorite spices.

    Instagram account kitchentape has been collecting some of the worst (or best?) labeling jobs submitted by actual chefs. Here are some of the funniest...

    1. This label made by someone who really loves bay leaves.

    2. This fruity felony.

    Instagram: @redrabbittt

    Hands up! This is a strobbery!

    3. This fry mix coming in at number one on the charts.

    Instagram: @jack_of_the_arts

    Get rich, or die frying.

    4. This label that got it close enough.

    Synonym. Cinnamon. Whatever.

    5. This smoked sausage made by chef Anne herself.

    Instagram: @chefbutts

    Anne Dewey is smoky, spicy, and originally from France.

    6. This Italian donut that is going through a classic rock phase.

    A stairway to the walk-in.

    7. This interesting assortment of rainbow sprinkles.

    Funfetti salad, anyone?

    8. This clever (yet annoying AF) labeling job.

    Instagram: @darth_soupy

    Somebody had a tough shift...

    9. This label that declares brussels sprouts a bunch of BS.

    Instagram: @anjano1204

    But have you tried them with bacon?

    10. This label that will have you singing "who lives in a pineapple under the sea?"

    Instagram: @kay_baybay19


    11. This tropical beverage made by the cutest forest creature.

    Instagram: @miss_r1ce

    Koalaty labeling job indeed.

    12. This graphic interpretation of hearts of palm.

    Instagram: @caitylouwhooo

    A+ for creativity.

    13. This label that any restaurant worker will relate to.

    14. This saucy sauce labeling.

    Instagram: @gioioio

    At least they got the pastrami rub label right.

    15. This seasoning prep that was done by someone with mad love for 90's hip-hop.

    Instagram: @ircusford


    16. This majestic vegetable of the sea.

    Instagram: @sadiethelittlelady

    In this label's defense, it almost says "scallions."

    17. This simple syrup that will get you all kinds of crazy.

    Instagram: @sydneybterry


    If you like these, follow kitchentape on Instagram for even more hilarious kitchen humor.