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    15 Reasons You Wouldn't Want To Go To Culinary School

    It's certainly not for everyone.

    1. The classes are long (like, really long).

    2. And they start shockingly early (and late).

    3. Two words: fish class.

    4. The kitchens can reach a sweltering 90° F.

    5. You'll have to learn how to deal with cuts, burns, and other injuries like a pro.

    6. You won't have a summer break. Or a spring break. Or a winter break.

    7. You're going to spend a lot of time cleaning.

    8. The teachers expect a lot out of you...

    9. And make it very obvious when they're not happy with you.

    10. The only words you're allowed to say will be "yes chef" and "no chef."

    11. And even when you're out of the kitchen, you're expected to be in uniform at all times.

    12. They take attendance very seriously.

    13. You're constantly under pressure to complete your tasks.

    14. You'll have to work with partners and teams (for better or worse).

    15. There's a lot of preparation that needs to be done before starting class.

    Like bleaching your whites, sharpening your knives, shaving, and studying your recipes all in addition to your normal homework.

    And even though there's a million reasons not to go, there are a million great reasons to go.