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    Top 5 Most Messed Up Joker Moments

    Now that #Joker has hit theaters, it is time to look back at some of Joker's Most Messed Up Moments from Comic Books, Movies and TV Shows! These are in no ranking order! but feel free to rank them! Thanks for reading!

    1. Joker kidnapping Robin, torturing him, brainwashing him into being his son and revealing Batman's secret identity.

    Warner Bros. Animation DC Entertainment / Via

    In Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker , Terry McGinni is now Batman while an elderly (but tough) Bruce Wayne guides him via a communication system from the Batcave. In film's flashback sequence, Robin (Tim Drake) is kidnapped by Joker Batman (Bruce) searches for weeks and is unable to find him. Eventually, Joker drops a big hint and a showdown happens at a closed Arkham Asylum where Joker has brainwashed and torture Robin, and gets him to reveal Batman's Identity, all while the Joker is taunting Batman. A fight erupts which ends with a brainwashed Robin about to shoot Batman, but in the ends shoots Joker.

    Watch the Movie, but here is a link to the scene CLICK HERE

    2. Joker Kills Robin

    Warner Premiere DC Entertainment Warner Bros. Animation / Via

    In the 1988 A Death In The Family run, Robin (Jason Todd) is tied up in a warehouse and the Joker has a little "fun" by beating him with a crowbar as he throws in a pun or two. Eventually, it ends with a bomb armed to blow, Joker leaving and Batman arriving too late to save Jason.

    FUN FACT: Editor Dennis O'Neil let fans decide if Jason Todd were to die in this comic book run. Votes were cast via phone ballots and young Jason died...only to be resurrected as Red Hood much later

    3. Joker Paralyzed Barbara and Tortured Commissioner Gordon

    DC Entertainment Warner Bros. Animation / Via

    In Alan Moore's legendary Killing Joke, Joker wants to prove anyone can be just like him if they have one bad day that causes one to go insane. So Joker targets Commissioner Gordon for his hypothesis! Joker shows up to Gordon's home and upon Barbara answering the door, Joker shoots her, which paralyzes her. Then as goons beat Gordon, Joker undress Barbara and take photos of her as she bleeds out. He later cages Gordon naked in his hideout where he puts pictures of Barbara bleeding out all over.

    READ THE COMIC! This was suppose to be a stand-alone comics that was non-canon but due to the popularity, other comics brought it into canon.

    4. Joker Kills Sarah Gordon

    Detective Comics #741 / Via

    Sarah Gordon was a detective and also the second wife of Commissioner Gordon. In short, Sarah confronts Joker in a warehouse full of babies that Joker has kidnapped. Both Sarah and Joker have their guns trained on each other. So Joker, tosses an infant he was holding, Sarah drops her gun and dives to catch the baby. Once the baby is caught and safe, Joker shoots her dead and leaves.

    5. Joker kills an entire studio audience

    Warner Premiere DC Entertainment Warner Bros. Animation / Via

    In the legendary Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, Bruce Wayne comes out of retirement to become Batman once more at the age of 55. Everyone has aged, even the Joker, who has been locked up and appears to be successfully rehabilitated according to his Doctors. So successfully that they bring Joker on to a talk show in an attempt to smear Batman's reputation. But that backfires because Joker was faking the whole rehabilitation and then slaughters the entire studio audience!

    6. Did I miss a cruel act? How would you order these? Comment! Enjoy #Joker in Theaters!

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