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The President Of Oprah Of The United States Of Oprah!

The internet has exploded with the thoughts and prospects of Oprah running for President in 2020! Could we live to see a reality star run for re-election against a juggernaut talk show host? Who will be her running mate? Here are my 3 predictions

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By Spring of 2019, Josh Peck will become Oprah's Running Mate

For Drake and Josh fans, this is an obvious choice. We need someone behind Oprah from the very start. We need a V.P. that will be her Chewie to her Han Solo, her Robin to her Batman; need I say more!

If she wins, all cabinet meetings will take place on the Oprah Channel LIVE!

"Today on Oprah, should we invade or stay. Your take on the latest crisis in the Middle East." Rating would go through the roof!

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