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    Happy Mean Girls Day! Origin, Quotes, Celebration, Facebook Live Event And More!

    It's #October3rd ! While it may not be Wednesday, I shall be wearing pink because It's #MeanGirlsDay ! According to, there will be a Facebook live with #TinaFey and her friend (and Mean Girls superfan) Busy Philipps, who will participate before, during and after the Facebook Live to talk all things Mean Girls. CLICK HERE

    Why October 3rds!

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    For Movie buffs, you may be familiar with the scene where Aaron Samuels asks Cady Heron what day it was. She replied "It's October 3rd!" And the rest is history!

    Wear Pink!

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    "On Wednedays, we wear Pink!" While this day is not on a Wednesday, we shall make an exception! There are times when October 3rd falls on a Wednesday and that totally FETCH!

    Quote Your Favorite Lines with Friends!

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    “Get in loser. We’re going shopping.”

    “Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by Regina George.”

    and "We should totally just stab Caesar!” are my favorite lines! The movie is so damn quotable thanks to Tina Fey!

    Blast the Mean Girls Broadway Soundtrack!

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    If you have not listen to the Mean Girls Broadway Soundtrack, then you are missing out! The Broadway show is a perfect expansion of the Mean Girls world! Plus the music is sharp, cynical and funny like many of the movie lines we have fell in love with!

    Watch the DAMN MOVIE!

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    If you are lucky, some theaters actually play the film on the silver screen. The movie is a perfect comedy that features timeless performances from SNL alumni, and incredible lines written by the great TINA FEY!

    What's your favorite lines from Mean Girls?

    #MeanGirls #MeansGirlsDay #HappyMeanGirlsDay #TinaFey #October3rd #ItsOctober3rd

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