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    Reasons Dachshunds Win Halloween Every Year

    They have no competition honestly. Happy Hallowienie forever and always.

    1. Because look at that beam of happiness when the season rolls around:

    2. Because they can really get into character:

    3. Because they can dress up pretty spooky:

    4. Because they can put in minimal effort and look like they dressed up as the hottest men's fashion trend:

    5. Because they will roam the streets and stop candy crimes left and right:

    6. Because their costumes are relevant:

    7. Because they're super welcoming to trick-or-treaters:

    8. Because look how creative they can be with their Halloween costumes:

    9. Because they're super pop cultured:

    10. Because they can make dressing like a bat look cute:

    11. Because they're bringing the "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" back:

    12. Because they can dress like a fruit:

    13. Because nothing says "Happy Halloween" more than freshly baked cookies:

    14. Because a herd of them dressed as skeletons is adorable:

    15. Because they can even make witches look sweet:

    16. Because I would give all my candy to this nugget:

    17. Because they have a special costume made just for them:

    18. Because all these things are true: Happy Hallowienie to all. And to all a good night.