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Are You The Next Big Music Thing?

You know it. I know it. Now the world needs to know it!

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This list has your name written all over it.

Whether you play in a professional orchestra, belt out Top 40s in the shower, or have a high score in Rock Band, this list is for you! It has every music app you might need to be a music pro, amateur, or enthusiast.

Acapella / Via

Have you ever wanted to create a band that featured just you 'Pitch Perfect' style? Acapella is the app for you! It allows users to create a music collage with up to nine frames. Feel free to get creative and create products ranging from movie scenes, to epic covers, to original pieces with this one.

Check it out here.

forScore mini / Via

Looking to read sheet music on your phone? forScore mini is the app to do this. The app has thought of everything including dealing with repeats, how to complete page turns hands free, and how to automatically organize all your music. You'll never forget your music for a rehearsal again.

Check it out here.

GarageBand / Via

If your dream is to make music wherever you go without having to bring truckloads of instruments along, this app is for you. Apple's GarageBand turns your phone into a collection of digital instruments with production studio effects. Use the production effects with your desired arrangement of instruments and you have yourself a composition!

Check it out here.

Loopy / Via

You might have seen this one on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. This app allows users to record, layer, import, construct, manipulate, tweak, perform and share music. Users can combine anything from beatboxing, singing, or instrumentals to make their Loopy Hit. Check out the viral video of Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel 'doo-wop'-ing with the app to learn more!

Check it out here. / Via

No, that period isn't a typo! is a hot, new app that allows users to create lip syncing videos to their favourite songs. Add on effects and filters, and you will be a viral sensation in no time. Channing Tatum lip syncing Let It Go will have nothing on you!

Check it out here.

Notetracks / Via

Do genius ideas ever strike outside of the studio? This handy app, described as the love child between SoundCloud and GoogleDocs, allows users to record audio and write notes all in the same app. You can even share your projects with friends to get constructive feedback.

Check it out here.

Sing! Karaoke / Via

A fusion of Chatroulette and Karaoke, Sing! allows you to sing along to your favourite hits--and even duet with strangers! With over 50 million users worldwide, join the "global karaoke party"!

Check it out here.


yahoo / Via

Have you ever had the desire to drop everything and make a music video? Triller allows users to create music videos to songs of their choice. With the use of filters, editing tools, and multiple takes, users will have show business quality videos in no time.

Check it out here.

Ultimate Guitar: Tabs & Chords, Tab Pro / Via

These two apps are meant for all of the avid and aspiring guitar players out there. With their vast database of songs, helpful tabs, and guitar tuners, users will become advanced guitarists in no time!

Check it out here.

See you on the Top 40!

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