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Your Horror Movie Watch List!

October is here! So who is up for a scary movie? What horror movies are in theaters for this October 2017? Here are my list of movies worth paying attention too!

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Happy Death Day ( October 13th 2017)

It's like Groundhog day with homicides! Yay homicides! Our hero is trapped reliving the same day over and over where she meets her utter demise from a masked killer. How will this end!?

PLOT TWIST: Bill Murray is the killer!

Leatherface (October 20th, 2017)

Yep! What would Halloween be without a classic slasher film being sequeled. I think that is a verb? Screw it! It's a verb and a word! Dictionary that shit! Anyways, this film serves as a origin story for the legendary Leatherface of the Texas Chain Saw Massacre series.

The Snowman (October 20th, 2017)

Magneto aka Michael Fassbender portrays a detective that become embroiled in a deadly cat-and-mouse game with a serial killer that only strikes in the wintertime. This is more of a thriller than a horror film, but any films with a serial killer have a soft spot in my heart.

Cult of Chucky (October 20th 2017)

The tale of a toy coming to life and having a incredible bond with his owner, Andy. It's Toy Story with Homicide! Andy is back, along with the Final Girl from Curse of Chucky to take down Chucky once and for all. This comes out on Netflix (available now) because we all need a straight to DVD/Streaming instant classic

Jigsaw (October 27th 2017)

Jigsaw is back...or is it his 9th or 10th protege? The games have begun, the body count is increasing and all evidence points to Jigsaw, who died 10 years earlier! Seriously, finger crossed that the guy from Princess Bride is behind this. He was excellent in the last film. A Jigsaw film without him would be "inconceivable!"

Stranger Things Season 2 (October 27th 2017)

Look here, I know it's not in theaters, but I am too damn broke to see 5 movies in October. Plus this show (10 hour movie) has 80s tunes, monster and a kick ass story-line. So it counts! #JusticeForBarb

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