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Scariest Monsters Of All Time

Growing up, we all remember that one horror movie villain/monster that kept us up. He was under our bed and in out closet waiting to pounce. According to the website, Ranker, these are the top 5 scariest horror movie characters. Click here for the whole list

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5. Pennywise the Dancing Clown

Of course IT made the list, especially with that new kick ass remake! Clowns have been scary for a long time, and Stephen King gave us an exact clown to be afraid of. This clown shows up every 27 years to murder children in the town of Derry.

4. Freddy Krueger

This character is so trippy in that the logic behind his haunting is plausible if you really think about it. Could a sleep deprived person killing himself actually be a victim of a real life Freddy Krueger? This idea gave him a great alibi in the film and another reason for everyone to deny the "Freddy Krueger killed (insert character name)!" Wes Craven took the time to flesh out this horror villain, and boy do we appreciate that we have less nightmares.

3. Chucky

With Cult of Chucky being released, this 7 movie franchise is still going strong. How do we know that our childhood toys have not developed a disturbing serial killer personality? What if that toy you bought for your child is a Trojan horse vessel for a serial killer. EEEESH! I'm gonna go smash my old toys.

2. Jason Voorhees

Here's another O.G. Slasher. This guy proves once and for all that having sex in a the middle of a run down camp is NOT A GOOD IDEA! A condom won't be the only protection you'll need. This mama's boy will hack you, slash you, and even drown you in a fireplace and burn you to a crisp. If there was a Rushmore of Horror Character Icon, he would be up there.

1. Michael Myers

The reigning horror movie icon champ is Michael Myers. Killed his sister when he was young, locked into a mental institution for most of his life, only to escape to kill his long lost sister(another one) on Halloween. Talk about sibling rivalry. Besides being shot numerous times, stabbed, and beaten, I feel the most painful think Michael Myers has gone through is a reboot by Rob Zombie.

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