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Anyone that has been in a terrible break-up before, will dread having to break-up with someone again. Therefore, with inspiration from my life and awesome movies, I have a few methods for you to use! Comment you ideas below!

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Fake Your Death

Yeah, let's get right down to business! Responsibility sucks and being a man is just over rated! Leave your apartment like a crime scene, grow a beard, move to the landlocked states out West and start over! Regardless of the reason to break up, this is great! Did it bother you that your once significant other texted at the dinner table. That's cool, fake that death! Texting at the dinner table is the new chewing with your mouth opened!


Be original! Hire a plane to tell the person "It is not you, it is me" or "How dare you sleep with your boss. Then the boss's wife will find out and she will ruin the boss's life too. I know the article is nice ways to break up with someone. But I view nice as being either polite or clever. SO i find this clever, therefore, it flies! PUN INTENDED!

Acapella group!

Enough said! This is classy as shit! "Yes I'm fat and love to eat, but you were terrible and love to cheat! Look at me ;born with class, and you who loves taking it in the ______. " Enough said like I said!

Break-up Sex!

It's like at the end of a sports event, where the players shake hands and say "good game" and then part ways! Relationship should be like that too! Plus you ever know when you will get laid next, so this is like refueling during a long road trip because you don't know where the next gas station is!

Write a hysterical comedy act about them!

Okay, this applies to me, but here is the joke!

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