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How Valentines Day Is The Sexist Day Of The Year

Ooohh how society is odd.

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Huge efforts are made in recent years to re-train the line between genders and to reinforce the outdated stereotypes – girls playing with action toys, boys playing with make-up, women out earning a strong wage and men at home looking after the children and doing the cooking. Then it comes to February the 14th, a saccharine, fragrant immersed doomsday where the roles of society from back in the yonder years comes shining through the rose tinted window where women are cast as passive and gooey-eyed, easily impressed by half hearted, empty romantic gifts.

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In many parts of the world, power dynamics of women not being financially independent is still a harsh reality. This is where the belief that men must go ‘all out’ on women to show their affection towards women. Men are always compelled to pay the bill. There is a long standing belief that its men’s responsibility to ‘take care’ of a woman while the same women protest to being strong and independent yet require the desire to be overwhelmed with gifts.

Ladies, don’t be so hypocritical. For once in your life why don’t you pay for the meal?
In my eyes, the best relationship (if you’re single, I’m sorry) to be in on Valentine’s day is same sex. Women know what women want, its simple. However, there is one major downside. Do you know how hard it is to find a gift that says her and hers? Mission impossible unless you’re willing to wait a good few weeks for you personalised gift to arrive from china. Not only is sexism rife at this time of the year, so is discrimination. Granted the world has now become more accepting of the gays but there is always someone willing to bash you down for loving who you love.

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