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How These 5 Tech Innovations Are Changing The World

From augmented reality to artificial intelligence

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“Technology, like art, is a soaring exercise in human imagination,” says professor and author David Bell. And, fittingly, it seems like everyday a new tech innovation is introduced to the world that has futurists drooling and minds boggling.

The 21st century has seen an exponential increase in the rate and scope of revolutionary technology. From consumer tech to corporate software to infrastructure, it seems like every single aspect of technology is transforming.

Here we lay out 5 different tech innovations that are transforming the world. Each one, whether it has been developing for 5 years or 50, is reaching an inflection point right now in terms of efficacy and adoption. It is important moving forward to understand this tech, as its impact on our lives may soon be inescapable. Here are 5 tech innovations that are changing the world:

1. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is not only the next idea in entertainment. Augmented Reality (or AR) is the next big thing as a learning tool and media interface. From social media to helping surgeons prepare for surgery, AR is exploding in popularity in every industry because, according to Reality Technologies, “it brings elements of the virtual world, into our real world, thus enhancing the things we see, hear, and feel.”

The implications for successful AR tech is boundless. Medical experts even believe it could help veterans deal with PTSD. By allowing users to see a world that provides reactive and instant therapy and advice, the tech could be ideal for this vulnerable population. For educational purposes, AR could do wonders for creating compelling and effective educational tools for children in schools.

2. Blockchain

Blockchain has been everywhere recently, but many still don’t know what it means. Using cryptographic tools to create a continually-growing list of digital records, these “blocks” are then distributed into decentralized networks, which any authorized user can access with proper verification.

While most uses for this high tech has been financial instruments like Bitcoin and Ethereum that have been dominating headlines, the application of a secure, instant network could transform industry in America forever.

CRYSTALS is an example of how blockchains could transform an industry. CRYSTALS is a multi-platform network tailored to be a decentralized, efficient and secure tool for booking and paying models for modeling jobs. Using an Ethereum Network based CRS Token, CRYSTALS is able to act as a market and payment model for the industry.

3. Artificial Intelligence

AI has been getting much attention in television and movies. From Black Mirror to Spike Jonze, it seems like AI isn’t far from any creative minds. However, it is also increasingly transforming industry in every capacity.

Deep Learning and hyper intelligent computers could one day be responsible for teaching, programming, and even governance. One incredibly compelling use-case of AI is that a hyper intelligent computer could help calculate the correct farming and environmental strategies to save endangered species!

The scariest part of AI is its potential for exponential growth. Even as it reaches close to human capacities in some areas and far beyond it in others, AI continues to grow in ability rapidly. Once Intelligent machines are able to program themselves, its progress as a tech will be unstoppable.

4. Advanced Med Tech

If there’s one ancient area of study that seems to have welcomed in the information age is medicine. Tech like gene typing will be able to find and prevent some genetic diseases. The inclusion of big data into the medical field will allow doctors to find and address global trend across time.

Working organs are being grown in laboratories right now, and as that technology progresses, even more and complex parts of human anatomy can be replaced. And for those that cannot, increasingly responsive and dexterous artificial limbs are just around the corner.

5. Global WiFi Providers

Despite a world that is generally well connected, there are still regions where wifi connectivity is extremely limited. WiFi access has become part of our daily lives. Yet amazingly 76% of us frequently find ourselves in a position where access is not available, or where access is blocked by a demand for payment.

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