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Millennials Aren’t Asking For Raises.

This might be why.

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Through my experience and research, I’ve found that Millennials are much less likely to ask for raises, which, in today’s world, could be detrimental to their financial well being. As individuals with exponential student debt, higher cost of living, and less income overall, Millennials are set up for financial struggles. Asking for a deserved raise should not be a thing of anxiety for these young adults.

According to Payscale’s data, only 37 percent of Millennials have ever asked for a raise, while older workers were far more likely to ask (48 percent for Baby Boomers, and 45 percent for Gen Xers). So, why are Millennials not asking?

They feel lucky.


Millennials seem to feel particularly lucky to have gotten a job at all - so much so, that they are less likely to “push it” for more. These young adults, who feel #blessed to have a job in such a rocky economy, need to understand that salary negotiation is key to their career success, and that most recruiters and employers expect it.



Fear of rejection. Fear of being perceived as “aggressive” or “pushy.” Fear of being seen as the “me”-focused stereotype that so many have pinned on Millennials.

They don’t know how.


Something that definitely isn’t a focus in school is knowing how to do things like asking for a raise. Individuals might be afraid of botching the “raise” question and hurting their status at the company. Many might be in the dark about the right moment to ask, also instilling fear that they will make their supervisor feel uncomfortable or even mad.

They underestimate themselves.


Millennials could be underestimating not only themselves but how long it takes to hone skills, making them feel less qualified for or less deserving of a raise. Millennials should not underestimate the value of their already-acquired skills, or else others might too.

They might be used to others measuring their monetary “worth.”

Most Millennials have been working retail or serving, whether it’s the only thing they could snag right out of college, or how they’re getting themselves through college. In which case, they more often rely on tips to make a living. Moral of the story: they are used to customer service (a positive thing), but are somewhat reliant upon their monetary value being decided by others.

The truth is, asking for a raise is never easy no matter what generation you come from. Know your value, and know that the time to ask for a raise is when you realize you’re so versatile that if you leave, the company will suffer in some way. Ask, and you might receive. Don’t, and guarantee yourself nothing.

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