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    21 WWE Gimmick Matches You Won't Believe Are Real

    A what on a pole match?

    1. Ambulance Match

    Man jumping into an ambulance while another man pretends to toss him inside.

    Goal: Toss your opponent in the back of an ambulance.

    Whether you bait your opponent in or incapacitate them, it always ends up being quite the brawl. It usually ends with the winner driving away into the sunset.

    Entertainment value: 8/10

    2. An Eye-For-An-Eye Match

    Seth Rollins pushing Rey Mysterio into steel stairs, trying to poke his eye out.

    Goal: Remove your opponent's eye.

    It turned out to be a dragged-out fight where the audience is just waiting for one guy to go for their opponent's eye. It's rather silly, even by wrestling standards.

    Entertainment value: 2/10

    3. Punjabi Prison Match

    Two men climbing down a bamboo cage.

    Goal: Escape the two-layered bamboo cage.

    Punjabi prison matches must be terrible and obstructed to watch in person but overall, it is a fun gimmick match. Created for Indian superstar and 2021 WWE Hall of Fame inductee The Great Khali.

    Entertainment value: 7/10...while watching on TV

    4. "Kiss My Foot" Match

    Man smiling with two feet superimposed behind him.

    Goal: Win the match and the loser must kiss the winner's bare foot.

    Well, they're not all gonna be winners. There is really nothing thrilling about watching two grown men fighting to avoid kissing the other's foot. Vince McMahon's humor is quite...different.

    Entertainment value: -2/10

    5. Inferno Match

    Man attacking wrestler while on fire.

    Goal: Win the match by setting your opponent on fire.

    A great example that film-like stunts and wrestling make the perfect match. Whether the flames are engulfing the outline of the ring or pyrotechnics all around you.

    Entertainment value: 9/10

    6. Buried Alive Match

    Gloved hand breaking out of a grave.

    Goal: Bury your opponent alive.

    A signature match for the Undertaker (because of course, right?). This match is always a fun gimmick one to watch but claustrophobic people should look away.

    Entertainment value: 9/10

    7. Blindfold Match

    Two wrestlers inside a ring with black bags over their heads.

    Goal: Pin or submit your opponent while blindfolded.

    Two wrestlers get in the ring...put bags over their heads...and try to fight. Hilarious and the crowd's involvement trying to help the wrestlers is always wildly entertaining.

    Entertainment value: 1,000/10

    8. Boiler Room Brawl

    Masked wrestler Mankind lurking in a boiler room.

    Goal: Beat your opponent in a boiler room.

    It's pretty much a normal street fight with a boiler room backdrop.

    Entertainment value: 3/10

    9. Asylum Match

    A black cage surrounding a wrestling ring with all kinds of items (mop, straitjacket, leather strap) dangling above.

    Goal: Apply a straitjacket to your opponent.

    Very mediocre match to watch, but wrestlers are so creative they can make something out of nothing. A less gimmicky match would be a "Fight Pit" match, which I would recommend to any rasslin' newbies.

    Entertainment value: 4/10

    10. Custody of Dominic Ladder Match

    Man holding briefcase atop a ladder while the crowd cheers.

    Goal: Climb the ladder and grab the briefcase with a custody contract inside.

    You want a "soap opera" storyline? WWE delivers. Rey Mysterio fought Eddie Guerrero for the custody of his son Dominic Mysterio. Fun fact: Dominic is now a WWE superstar and tag-teams with his dad.

    Entertainment value: 6/10.

    11. Shark Cage Match

    Wrestler dangling above the ring in a shark cage.

    Goal: Normal wrestling match while a man (usually a friend or teammate of one of the wrestlers) is dangled above the ring in a shark cage.

    I wouldn't want to be up there but the bad guys usually find a way to escape.

    Entertainment value: 5/10

    12. House of Horrors Match

    Randy Orton inside a dark room with dangling baby dolls.

    Goal: Fight a spooky man in a spooky house.

    A lot of potential to this concept, but the only House of Horrors match ever done was a dud. Would have been great during the no-crowd era but this bored most fans, which is a shame because Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt are two talented stars.

    Entertainment value: 3/10.

    13. Kennel From Hell Match

    Two men lying down inside a cage.

    Goal: Fight inside a steel cage INSIDE Hell in a Cell while Rottweilers surround the ring. I wish I was joking.

    This seriously sounds like they had four ideas for a match and asked Vince, "Well, which do you want to do?" And Vince replied, "Yes."

    Entertainment value: 1/10.

    14. Trick or Street Fight

    Wrestler Ceasro pinning opponent atop pumpkins.

    Goal: Pin or submit your opponent while the ring is surrounded by pumpkins and Halloween decorations.

    Halloween matches? Yes, please. Someone is guaranteed to get a jack-o'-lantern to the head.

    Entertainment value: 8/10.

    15. Hog Pen Match

    Man in overalls grimacing in a muddy pigpen.

    Goal: Beat your opponent...while fighting around a hog pen.

    Well, if the gimmick match fits the wrestler's gimmick...*salutes*. Not for me.

    Entertainment value: 1/10.

    16. Thanksgiving Feast Fight

    Wrestler Sheamus lying on a broken table with Thanksgiving food scattered on the ground.

    Goal: Pin or submit your opponent while a Thanksgiving feast surrounds the ring.

    People love food fights, so this always goes well with the crowd. Although I think it is a waste of food, what better food to waste than the food we all eat once a year and pretend to like. #TeamHalloweenAndChristmas

    Entertainment value: 7/10.

    17. Flag Match

    Wrestler Rusev grabbing a Bulgarian flag on a pole.

    Goal: Retrieve your flag and mount it on the designated flag pole.

    If these matches were more capture the flag–like, I'd dig it. If you can't find a way for the crowd to root for a wrestler other than pitting countries against each other, it's not a good feud. That falls on everyone involved. Sorry.

    Entertainment value: 4/10...but there's potential.

    18. Lumberjack Match

    Men wrestling in the ring while other wrestlers surround the ring.

    Goal: Beat your opponent while "Lumberjacks" surround the ring to prevent wrestlers from fleeing the scene.

    When you have a coward heel (bad guy) wrestler, call in the Lumberjacks. No, unfortunately, they're not a bunch of guys in overalls and plaid; they're other wrestlers playing the role as bouncers to ensure neither wrestler is counted out.

    Entertainment value: 8/10.

    19. Song and Dance Match


    Goal: A sing- and dance-off. One wrestler sings while your teammate dances. The audience decides the winner.

    I've seen one of these and although I am all for R-Truth and Carmella's dance breaks, these don't work as matches. Yikes.

    Entertainment value: 1/10.

    20. First Blood Match

    Masked wrestler Kane choking opponent.

    Goal: You win the match by drawing blood from your opponent.

    Comes off as silly and edgy, but then I think of how many wrestlers have accidentally cut themselves by hitting a move slightly off and wonder how these matches weren't botched more often. It's pretty impressive to think about.

    Entertainment value: 2/10.

    21. Guitar-on-a-Pole Match

    A man heading for a dangling guitar mounted on a pole while his opponent is down.

    Goal: Grab the guitar-on-a-pole and smash you opponent with it.

    I believe this picture showcases hundreds of people rethinking their life while watching two men fight for an instrument... Or wrestling is just silly and fun. I'm all about these kinds of matches, especially if it matches a wrestler's gimmick.

    Entertainment value: 5/10

    Honorable Mention: Ladder Tag Match


    Goal: Climb a ladder and retrieve both tag belts dangling above the ring.

    This was always silly to me because tag team champs need to participate in tag wrestling. This is not tag team wrestling. There is no tagging involved. That being said: These matches have been some of the best in history.

    Entertainment value: 10/10...but not a tag match.

    Which match do you think is the most absurd? Put your creative writing cap on and pitch a ridiculous idea for a match in the comments.

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