Tom Brady Officially Retires From The NFL, So Here Are 22 Unforgettable Moments

    The GOAT TB12's NFL run is over.

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady officially announced his retirement via Instagram.

    Here are 22 unforgettable moments from TB12's legendary career:

    1. "The Comeback"

    Tom Brady holds Super Bowl trophy

    2. Everything about his 50-touchdown season in 2007.

    Tom Brady with his hands on his hips

    3. Brian Urlacher is juked by Brady, arguably the NFL's slowest quarterback ever.

    4. Brady wins ring No. 7 in his first season with a new team.

    Tom Brady holds Lombardi Trophy

    5. Brady gets the ultimate underdog win against the "Greatest Show on Turf" St. Louis Rams in Super Bowl 36.

    6. A 10-year title drought ends in phenomenal fashion at Super Bowl 49.

    7. Brady makes the most out of a second chance in the infamous "Tuck Rule" game.

    8. "Tuck Rule" game touchdown run leads to his most famous spike in the endzone.

    Tom Brady end zone spike

    9. A grueling defensive game in Super Bowl 53 leads to one of Brady's gutsiest drives ever.

    Tom Brady and Julien Edelman celebrate

    10. A 10-point comeback against "Sack-sonville" in the AFC Championship game is the stuff of legends.

    11. Despite losing Super Bowl 52, Brady unleashed an aerial attack unlike any other in championship history.

    12. Brady and the Patriots force the NFL to change the rules after a playoff "double comeback" against the Baltimore Ravens.

    13. Brady is thrust into a second half scoring shootout in Super Bowl 38 against the Carolina Panthers.

    Tom Brady celebrates Super Bowl 38

    14. Brady wins a third Super Bowl to solidify the Patriots dynasty.

    Tom Brady holds football

    15. Brady outlasts Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs with methodical drives to send them to Super Bowl 53.

    16. Brady records 50th touchdown pass with Randy Moss to complete the only 16-win regular season ever.

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    One play. Two records set. Everyone asked what would happen if Brady had an elite wide receiver like Randy Moss. Records broken. That's what happened.

    17. Brady beats his 32nd team in the NFL, which happens to be the Patriots, to complete his bingo card.

    Tom Brady walks off Gillette Stadium

    18. Brady completes his 700th touchdown pass for a game-winner in overtime.

    Tom Brady walks off the field after an overtime win

    19. Tom Brady, the greatest to ever play quarterback, forgets what down it is on the final drive of a game.

    20. Brady crushes the Titans 59-0 in 2009 to record his greatest statistical performance of his career.

    21. Brady dashes the Saints' dream of an upset with (maybe) his greatest touchdown pass ever.

    22. Brady scorches the Dolphins with five first-half touchdowns to continue their perfect season.

    Tom Brady throws a pass

    What moment is missing from this list? Do you have a personal favorite? Comment below!