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    19 Sports Moments From July That Will Leave You Stunned

    Did you see that?!

    Check out the best plays in sports (no particular order) from the month of July:

    1. Cam Johnson delivers a "Must-Be-Viral" Game 3 dunk.

    Cam Johnson dunking on Bucks player

    The look on PJ Tucker's face says it all. The man wanted a charge, but instead he got sent to the shadow realm after this monstrous dunk.

    Tucker got the last laugh...

    2. The Milwaukee Bucks win their first NBA championship in 50 years thanks to an all-time performance by Giannis Antetokounmpo.

    Emotional Giannis Antetokounmpo sits in a chair while wearing a champions hat

    The NBA Finals MVP gave us a performance that was truly extraordinary. Over the six-game series, he averaged 35.2 points, 13.2 rebounds, and 5 assists.

    If only I had a single great play...hold on a second...

    3. Antetokounmpo's block is one of the best in NBA Finals history.

    Giannis Antetokounmpo blocks shot against the Suns

    Seriously, what a gutsy performance for being on the biggest stage for the first time.

    4. Archers' lacrosse player Grant Ament delivers an ankle-breaking move that will make basketball fans smile.

    Lacrosse player on the ground while the ball-handler runs past him
    NBC Sports

    Crossover, deke, and juke fans will have a field day with this one. He bit hard on the fake.

    5. Red Sox star Rafael Devers makes a diving play and somehow stops time to make the out at first base.

    Baseball player dives for incoming baseball

    Rafi has had an MVP-caliber year, but man, his fielding only continues to improve. He's only 24!

    6. Switzerland gets a big Euro Cup Round of 16 win on penalty kicks after an incredible save by Swiss goalie Yann Sommer.

    Goalie stretches out to make diving save on penalty kick

    Yeah, this was at the end of June, but it missed my list last time, so I'm rolling it over. It was such a big moment, and I think people are too hard on Kylian Mbappé and don't give the save enough credit.

    7. Blake Coleman makes a diving goal to take the lead.

    Blake Coleman dives and hits puck

    If this is in the third period, it would be a sequel to Bobby Orr's game winner.

    9. Hidilyn Diaz wins the Philippines their first Olympic gold medal in dramatic fashion.

    Hidilyn Diaz lifts weights above her head

    Diaz was, in my opinion, by far the biggest, heartfelt moment of the Olympics. For people that don't understand, the Philippines have won plenty of medals over the years, but gold has always eluded them.

    10. This Giants' Brandon Crawford flip snowballs into an incredible double play.

    Downed baseball player flips ball to second baseman
    MLB Network

    Just a brilliant example of quick decisions in sports that look pretty, but are really high-IQ plays.

    11. Yu Darvish catches a line shot at his head, and I don't blame him if his life flashed before his eyes.

    Yu Darvish makes catch toward his head
    MLB Network

    My reaction time is at a snail's pace, so I think most people like me would have been decked by this hit.

    12. Fernando Tatis Jr. makes a jumping catch that proves he is something else...maybe a superhero?

    Fernando Tatis Jr. jumps for line drive ball
    MLB Network / Via

    Seriously, this guy is a superstar...fielding and hitting.

    13. Colombia's Luis Diaz makes a running goal against Argentina that makes me question kicking angles.

    Columbian soccer player kicks ball while falling backward
    FOX Sports

    How he's he scoops the he angles the ball. I have so many questions.

    14. Billy Hamilton's diving wet catch is all effort and all soaked.

    Baseball player dives in the rain
    NBC Sports

    The little slide at the end is nice, but I'm glad he didn't go crashing into the wall Looney Tunes style.

    15. Lee Kiefer wins the US their first gold medal in fencing.

    Fencer lunges forward with sword to hit her opponent
    NBC Sports

    I don't know a lot about fencing, but this final lunge and extension is pretty athletic. I could feel my thigh muscles getting pulled if I attempted it. 

    17. Suni Lee captures gold for Team USA gymnastics!

    Suni Lee raising her arms after landing
    NBC Sports

    Her all-around finals earned her the gold medal. She scored exceptionally well in three events, but her floor performance put her over in the end.

    18. Brandon Nimmo robs a home run in the first inning.

    Brandon Nimmo reaches over the wall to catch baseball

    This was on the day of a doubleheader too. Safe to say Nimmo came ready to play.

    19. PLEASE watch this tennis rally. These two women were all heart on this point.

    Woman hitting back a tennis shot

    Karolina Pliskova and Aryna Sabalenka put on a banger of a match, but this point felt desperate by both players. Just look where Sabalenka (left) is on the court, but ultimately, point and match to Pliskova.

    Which play was your favorite? Did I miss one? Comment below!