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    I Tirelessly Ranked All 64 College Basketball Mascots From This Year's March Madness Tournament

    The little dance behind the big dance.

    Omissions: Michigan and Illinois think they are too cool for school when it comes to mascots and they don't have one. Also, San Diego State's Aztec Warrior mascot and UCSB's Ole were left off the list as a personal choice.

    Michigan basketball players celebrating in confetti.
    Gregory Shamus / Getty Images

    60. Eli (Oral Roberts)

    Oral Roberts University / Via

    Looking sleek, bird. Looking sleek.

    59. The Raider (Colgate)

    Colgate gray-human mascot wearing a red pirate hat.
    Colgate Athletics / Via

    Quite the chin on this guy. He looks like he'd taunt you after every missed shot.

    58. Tommy (Texas Southern)

    Tiger mascot in Texas Southern gear.
    Texas Southern Athletics / Via

    Like a jacked Tony the Tiger, this mascot is ready to pounce.

    57. Rufus the Bobcat (Ohio)

    Ohio Football / Via

    56. Spike (Drake)

    Gray bulldog in a white Drake jersey standing with a bike.
    Drake University / Via

    I like the different colors on the face.

    55. Swoop (East Washington)

    Eagle mascot wearing "Eastern" jersey.
    Eastern Washington / Via

    A lot of bald eagles on this list.

    54. Howie the Hawk (Hartford)

    Howie the Hawk white bird mascot with a yellow beak and red arms in a Hartford basketball jersey.
    Hartford Hawks / Via

    A lot of life in this here Hawk. I can feel the positive vibes through the computer screen.

    53. Beaker (Morehead State)

    Bald eagle mascot wearing a yellow Morehead State shirt.
    MSUEagles / Via

    Not the highest budget mascot, but he looks like he has plenty of heart.

    52. Magnus (Cleveland State)

    Viking mascot flexing in green Cleveland State jersey.
    CSUVikings / Via

    I like the beard, but the hands and fake muscles are a little weird.

    51. Truman the Tiger (Missouri)

    Yellow tiger mascot dangling on a bungee cord.
    MUTigers / Via

    Truman's actually an adorable name for a mascot but he should do fewer death-defying stunts. Don't waste all those nine lives.

    50. Hook 'em (Texas)

    Longhorn mascot in Michael Jackson attire.
    Texas Longhorns / Via

    He's got the moves. He's got the horns. He's got it all.

    49. Shasta (Houston)


    He has the moves and the whiskers.

    48. Brutus (Ohio State)

    Brutus the mascot, a buckeye-head wearing a little hat, in red sweats
    Joe Robbins / Getty Images

    Et tu, Brutus? The face of the Buckeyes is a classic mascot.

    47. Big Blue (Utah State)

    Blue bull mascot clapping.
    Gene Sweeney Jr. / Getty Images

    This bull is looking real jacked. Seeing red and ready to take on any competition.

    46. Winthrop Eagles (Winthrop)

    Eagle couple wearing Winthrop jerseys.
    Lance King / Getty Images

    Couple goals? I guess.

    45. Buzz (Georgia Tech)

    Georgia Tech yellow and black bee mascot.
    Michael Shroyer / Getty Images

    Buzz, buzz. Those are some scary eyes, but a cute face.

    44. The Bona Wolf (St. Bonaventure)

    Big wolf in St. Bonaventure uniform.
    Rich Barnes / Getty Images

    Why the wide face? The better to dunk on you, my dear.

    43. "Spiro" the Spartan (UNC Greensboro)

    I like the face paint and he looks like the ultimate team player.

    42. Pistol Pete (Oklahoma State)

    Cowboy mascot with giant head and cowboy hat.
    Ed Zurga / Getty Images

    Nightmare fuel. The real human hands with the fake, giant head are very Swedish Chef–like.

    41. Ralphie the Buffalo (Colorado)

    Brown Buffalo mascot with yellow face.
    William Mancebo / Getty Images

    Devilishly handsome buffalo, but don't stand in his way in the lane.

    40. Otto the Orange (Syracuse)

    Syracuse orange ball mascot wearing a Syracuse hat.
    Rich Barnes / Getty Images

    He'd be better off being the basketball.

    39. Cavman (Virginia)

    Virginia mascot with a big "V" on shirt and crossed swords on it.
    Ryan M. Kelly / Getty Images

    This man looks like he'd kill you off the court but be the best teammate in the backcourt.

    38. Rodney the Ram (VCU)

    Angry-looking ram mascot in a white uniform.
    Ryan M. Kelly / Getty Images

    That's one mean-looking ram.

    37. Purdue Pete (Purdue)

    Plastic-faced mascot wearing a bronze hard hat and Purdue jersey.
    Michael Hickey / Getty Images

    Good thing he has the wristbands to wipe his sweaty, plastic face.

    36. Jack the Bulldog (Georgetown)

    Gray bulldog mascot with a little baseball cap on with the letter "G."
    Mitchell Layton / Getty Images

    Good grief, he's naked! Well, he's a dog, but it is weird to have an unclothed mascot. Nice hat, though.

    35. Cosmo the Cougar (BYU)

    BYU cougar mascot in a white basketball jersey, pointing to the crowd.
    Ethan Miller / Getty Images

    Love the majestic shoulders and that BYU jersey is crisp.

    34. Jonathan the Husky (UConn)

    UConn's gray husky mascot with his paws on his hips.
    Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images

    Who doesn't love huskies? Honestly?

    33. HokieBird (Virginia Tech)

    Hokies' purple bird mascot with an orange beak.
    Yong Teck Lim / Getty Images

    Some of the best feathers in the game.

    32. Killian (Iona)

    Iona Gaels mascot in red hat and jersey.
    Jamie Squire / Getty Images

    This Gael mascot should consider getting some shorter sleeves.

    31. West Virginia Mountaineer (West Virginia)

    Man with a thick beard and wearing a raccoon hat.
    Sean M. Haffey / Getty Images

    Fakest-looking mascot, but a fantastic beard.

    30. Willie the Wildcat (Abilene Christian)

    Leopard-spotted wildcat in purple gear.
    Mitchell Layton / Getty Images

    A wise-looking face, but I honestly wouldn't have guessed this was a wildcat.

    29. Testudo (Maryland)

    Turtle mascot with a big "M."
    Mitchell Layton / Getty Images

    Nothing slow about this mascot, and he'll light you up from 3-point land.

    28. Thunder the Antelope (Grand Canyon)

    Antelope mascot with black antlers cheering in crowd.
    Joe Buglewicz / Getty Images

    Thunder embraces the power of the crowd and is adorable even when he tries to act tough.

    27. Scarlet Knight (Rutgers)

    Red-clad knight mascot with a big "R" on his outfit.
    Benjamin Solomon / Getty Images

    The face is a little frightening, but love the attire.

    26. Raider Red (Texas Tech)

    Cowboy hat–wearing mascot with a big red mustache.
    Tom Pennington / Getty Images

    What in tarnation?

    25. Boomer (Oklahoma)

    Oklahoma horse mascot doing the worm.
    Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images

    Willing to drive to the bucket with speed, this horse has the best horseshoes in the game.

    24. Mike the Tiger (LSU)

    Tiger mascot in LSU basketball jersey pointing.
    Sam Greenwood / Getty Images

    You wouldn't think a tiger would have such a friendly face. Love him.

    23. Scrappy (North Texas)

    Green eagle Scrappy looking at the camera.
    Charles Norfleet / Getty Images

    His big fingers make for great blocking.

    22. LU Wolf (Loyola-Chicago)

    Loyola mascot smiling for camera.
    Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

    LU is a big-bodied wolf willing to get scrappy when he needs to.

    21. Spike the Bulldog (Gonzaga)

    Gonzaga Bulldogs mascot waving hand.
    Sean M. Haffey / Getty Images

    You can say he is a dog in the post.

    20. Cimarron (FSU)

    Gray horse in a white FSU jersey.
    Michael Reaves / Getty Images

    Very cute, but those hooves must be hard to move around in. This horse looks like he has never skipped leg day.

    19. Tommy (USC)

    Close-up of USC mascot Tommy.
    Ethan Miller / Getty Images

    If Buzz Lightyear was born into the Roman Empire, you'd get Tommy.

    18. Baylor Bear (Baylor)

    Baylor bear mascot on the court.
    Tom Pennington / Getty Images

    This bear looks like he is ready to storm into the boss's office and demand a raise.

    17. Will D. Cat (Villanova)

    Villanova mascot pointing
    Mitchell Layton / Getty Images

    When on the court, the "D" stands for defense.

    16. Mr. Spartan (Norfolk State)

    Spartans mascot pointing to himself.
    Norfolk State University Athletics

    I like the color scheme, and he looks like he'd be aggressive in the paint.

    15. Joe Bruin (UCLA)

    UCLA bear mascot pointing
    G Fiume / Getty Images

    Not the best rebounder, but he has the bear essentials as far as defense is concerned.

    14. The Tiger (Clemson)

    Orange and black Clemson Tiger mascot wearing a white jersey.
    Sean M. Haffey / Getty Images

    If looks could kill, this Clemson Tiger would be nicknamed "007."

    13. Sparky (Liberty)

    Liberty bald eagle mascot wearing a red "LU" jersey shirt.
    Yong Teck Lim / Getty Images

    Maybe the best cartoon look of the bunch. He looks like he has a mean step-back shot and can fly on dunks.

    12. Bucky Badger (Wisconsin)

    Wisconsin Badgers mascot pumping up the crowd.
    Dylan Buell / Getty Images

    Love the pullover, but wish he'd throw some shorts on. We live in a society.

    11. Mario the Magnificent (Drexel)

    Blue Drexel mascot in a full jersey pointing at camera.
    Mitchell Layton / Getty Images

    Magnificent indeed. Although, I worry about his wings getting in the way of behind-the-back passes.

    10. The Oregon Duck (Oregon)

    Oregon Ducks mascot sitting on sidelines.
    Steve Dykes / Getty Images

    The duck with no name, simply called "The Oregon Duck," is a bad man. Cute face with a killer fadeaway.

    9. Albert Gator (Florida)

    Albert Gator pointing.
    Andy Lyons / Getty Images

    Love his ability to box out with his snout but worried he gets alligator arms when rebounding in traffic. My dad: "Get him a tank top. Why is he wearing a turtle neck?!"

    8. Herky the Hawk (Iowa)

    Iowa black and yellow bird mascot on the court.
    Gregory Shamus / Getty Images

    This bird is a menace. The face only a mother bird could love.

    7. Billy Bluejay (Creighton)

    Blue jay mascot near empty seats.
    Porter Binks / Getty Images

    Blue jays are the meanest birds and Billie is not gonna take any crap in the paint.

    6. Rameses (North Carolina)

    White ram mascot with yellow horns pointing at camera while wearing a baby blue North Carolina uniform.
    Grant Halverson / Getty Images

    I love the full uniform and the yellow horns. Opponents hate to bump heads with this tough guy.

    5. Big Red (Arkansas)

    Close-up of red hog Razorback mascot.
    Wesley Hitt / Getty Images

    Mean and ready to charge, this giant-headed Razorback is ready to charge.

    4. Big Jay (Kansas)

    Kansas mascot Big Jay flexing.
    Ed Zurga / Getty Images

    Big eyes but bigger heart.

    3. Big Al (Alabama)

    Alabama elephant mascot in maroon Alabama shirt.
    Joe Robbins / Getty Images

    There's an elephant in the room and you know I wanna talk about it. Big Al is adorable and I love his trunk.

    2. Benny Beaver (Oregon State)

    Beaver mascot laying down.
    Ethan Miller / Getty Images

    This beaver leaves it all out on the court.

    1. Smokey (Tennessee)

    Tennessee hound mascot wearing team's orange jersey.
    Andy Lyons / Getty Images

    The goodest boy and the best mascot of the March Madness teams.

    Which mascot do you like the most? Comment below.