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    19 Pet Fails And Moments That Will Make You Relate To These Pet Parents

    Why are you like this, Mittens!?

    Let me share a little story: I was walking up my stairs late at night to go to bed with nothing but the flashlight on my phone to light my way up the steps. At the top of the stairs, my cat waited for me and lunged at me for the perfect jump scare. Much to her dissatisfaction, I only stumbled a bit and didn't plummet to my death.

    Of course, she was just being playful. We love our pets, but sometimes they do stuff that leaves us like:

    So I searched the Internet for fails that only pet parents would appreciate. Here's what I gathered:

    1. You can kiss your most private moments goodbye when you have a cat. Bathroom time is now 'pet me' time.

    my cat always wants to talk to me while I’m on the toilet

    Twitter: @dusadeleche

    2. There's no kind way to ask them to stop letting one rip.

    Trying to work but my dog keeps walking in front of me & farting. So I send him outside, wait for him to 💩 so he hides behind a tree to cheat me then returns to the house and the process repeats. He was walked at 5am & 8:45 am & hasn't eaten. He is just being an a-hole to me

    Twitter: @bikeanddogtrips

    3. If you enjoy ear-piercing barking while on the phone, you might be a dog person.

    me working from home: *complete silence* my dog as soon as I get on a call:

    Twitter: @hkaaayyyy / FOX

    4. Our pets can be a little high-maintenance, but then again, aren't we all?

    My sister’s dog did not want to go outside

    Twitter: @normalmadeline

    5. Our pets come up with these little games in their heads that we can't explain. Whatever allows them to have fun!

    Twitter: @FrenzyTheOcto

    6. I thought cats hated water. Why are they OBSESSED with sinks?

    @pusslife What is it with kitchen sink? Charlie is obsessed the little devil 😈

    Twitter: @hayley750 / @pusslife

    7. As long as our pets don't find out about their food cabinet...crap.

    Returned home to find that Tim had found the catnip drawer…

    Twitter: @michaelscat2

    8. It's not like we have bills to pay or any pet food to buy. More time for snuggles!

    Trying to get some late night coding in and my dog says NOPE.

    Twitter: @KassandraSanch / Tiktok:

    9. Speaking of bills, those vet bills don't get any cheaper. But how can you get mad at that face!?

    I’m scared to give him toys now. We got him toys for Christmas and he ate them and had to have emergency surgery to remove them! Behold the face of a MENACE. (This was December) he’s like “merry Xmas I got you a ungodly amount of vet bills”

    Twitter: @Saraya

    10. If you're looking for literal pet fails, just allow your pet enough floor space.

    Why should you come to my streams? Not for me For my dumb ass dog #TwitchStreamers #dogs #PugLover #twitch #funny #fail

    Twitter: @thechaoticwaifu

    11. Two different kinds of pets under one roof? What could go wrong?

    12. Your food? No. Our food.

    I took a shower and when I came back I saw that my dog jumped up and got my salad and ate the whole thing 😩 what kind of dog eats just salad

    Twitter: @meganamrheinyo

    13. When you accidentally mix your kitten amongst your bananas and have no clue which one is which.

    14. An average day can turn into a chaotic adventure with any pet.

    To anyone who caught me on their ring camera last night chasing my dog at midnight off an edible… my bad

    Twitter: @ThatCannon

    15. Some adventures can give cat parents a massive headache.

    Twitter: @chaoticcatpics

    16. For co-pet parents, your pet can start some drama.

    When our dog is being cute my wife says "Look at our dog." When our dog is being a brat my wife says "Look at your dog."

    Twitter: @Social_Mime

    17. You may find yourself using rugs to hide your device wires.

    I need to get wireless stuff, my cat is addicted to wires 🥹 She's so cute tho...

    Twitter: @Vryell

    18. I traveled from one end of the country to the other with a little fur ball, and trust me, they are as rambunctious as they are for their vet trips.

    What? You saw nothing 🤦🏻 #germanshepherd #gsd #dogsoftwitter

    Twitter: @gsdofamerica

    19. At the end of the day, it's all love for our furry friends.

    My cat is a jerk, but I still love him anyway

    Twitter: @nocontextscats

    Does your pet do anything that makes you heated as a pet parent? Comment below!