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    Blake Griffin's "McLovin" Shoes Might Have Just Changed The Shoe Game

    Old enough to party.

    Blake Griffin and the Brooklyn Nets are set to make waves in the playoffs, but it wasn't his shooting that had people talking last night.

    Blake Griffin running on basketball court
    Douglas P. Defelice / Getty Images

    Let's just say he took "personalized shoes" to a whole new level.

    Wow. Blake Griffin has “McLovin” 35s on tonight — with his own Hawaii ID info.

    Twitter: @NickDePaula

    The shoes are, of course, a reference to the character Fogell (aka McLovin) from the film Superbad.

    Warner Bros.

    These custom Jordan 35's pay homage to the character's fake ID.

    McLovin's drivers license
    Warner Bros.

    If you look closely, the license instead has Griffin's photo and says, "McGriffin."

    Twitter: @NBAKicks

    Even Officer Michaels actor Seth Rogen enjoyed the shoes.

    It will be interesting to see what other custom shoes "McGriffin" will unleash to the NBA universe.

    Blake Griffin practicing on the court
    Steph Chambers / Getty Images

    But let's hope Griffin's playoff run goes better than McLovin's beer run.

    Warner Bros.

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