Check Out Bill Belichick's Hottest Looks That Belong On The Runway

    Whoa, hoodie with no sleeves!

    Bill Belichick is arguably the greatest NFL head coach of all time, but I think there is no question that he has the most iconic fashion in sports and maybe the Milky Way galaxy.

    Bill Belichick holds Lombardi Trophy

    Here are Bill Belichick's best looks that have made necks snap over the years:

    1. Bill decided to be a little more revealing in 2021 with a daring opened jacket look.

    Bill Belichick in a white tee and jacket

    2. Gotta keep that headset warm because those play calls are fire.

    Bill Belichick with a beanie

    3. Looking like the Bane to the NFL's Batman, this man is coming with disguised schemes on defense that will break backs.

    Bill Belichick in a black mask

    4. I'm sure Bill calls this look the "Greatest Comeback" during Super Bowl 51.

    Bill Belichick gives a thumbs up

    5. Flashback Bill-day? Bill rocking the red NYG sweater.

    Bill Belichick in a red sweater

    6. Bill looks like he's ready to make a Jedi knight turn to the dark side of the Force. I call this look "Unlimited Power."

    Bill Belichick in a hood

    7. Bill is seeing red in this fabulous Patriots sweater. I believe he got a penalty for "illegal use of great color combos," which resulted in a 5-yard penalty.

    Bill Belichick in a red sweater

    8. He lost Super Bowl 52, but this "day-at-a-picnic" look is Lombardi Trophy-worthy.

    Bill Belichick in a pink button-up

    9. Bill can walk away from cutoff sweaters for something more appropriate for Super Bowls. A man that can do both.

    Bill Belichick in a suit

    10. I like this look. Warm and cozy with the big coat, one that would make George Costanza proud!

    Bill Belichick in a big blue and red coat

    11. This is the closest thing to a "runway look" I've seen from Coach. The orange and brown go together like peanut butter and chocolate.

    Belichick in an orange sweater

    12. Khakis. Cutoff sleeves. Million-dollar look. The khaki and blue go together like butter and Oreos.

    Bill Belichick in khakis and cut off sweater

    13. I call this pose "stressed in the rain." This jacket is perfect for rain and comforts you when your team struggles to move the football down the field.

    Bill Belichick wears a blue Patriots raincoat

    14. Bill with the cutoffs, white sleeves, and no gloves. This man plays by his own rules!

    Bill Belichick runs in a hoodie and beanie

    15. This photo was the week of practice before the Patriots' first Super Bowl victory in 10 years. He woke up and chose comfort.

    Bill Belichick in a visor and shorts

    16. Black hoodie, jeans, and the Lombardi Trophy. Everyone that winter was wearing this look. But where did he find that pair of jeans?!

    Bill Belichick with Lombardi Trophy, jeans, and a black hoodie

    17. Bill takes a swing at this look. Fore!

    Bill Belichick swings a golf club

    18. Bill sporting a light pink dress shirt before Super Bowl 51 against the Falcons. Wait! The decimal code for light pink is rgb (255,182,193). Each color code has the numbers 2, 8, and 3!? 28-3!? Like the 28-3 lead blown by the Atlanta Falcons!

    Bill Belichick in a pink dress shirt

    19. Bill Belichick looking like he is about to knock over a bank in the 1930s. Instead, he's just on his way to win another ring.

    Bill Belichick in a fedora and suit

    20. What better way to end this post but with the Belichick signature "trimmed-sleeve" hoodie!

    Bill Belichick in a cut-off sleeved hoodie

    Which is your favorite look? Is this the most important post ever made? Comment below!