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    I Ranked The 54 Best Horror Films Available On Netflix Right Now

    Summer of horror!

    Are you into "Netflix and spooky"? Well, this is the list for you!

    Before you dive into the ranking, check out some of the newest horror movie additions for Netflix this month:

    John Carpenter's Vampires

    A woman's eyes are filled on a bed

    Blair Witch (Available July 3)

    A long-limbed monster in a dark hallway

    Here's my list of the best horror movies currently on Netflix:

    1. The Ritual

    Man in the woods looking shocked

    2. Creep

    Creepy man smiles at camera

    3. Don't Listen

    Boy looking scared

    4. The Conjuring

    Woman, frightened, looking past a man

    5. His House

    A couple sits in a white room with windows

    6. The Conjuring 2

    Girl smiling sinisterly

    7. Apostle

    Boy in a creepy mask standing in a hallway

    8. It Follows

    Girl looks scared inside a high school

    9. Ouija: Origin of Evil

    A girl is possessed and opens mouth unnaturally

    10. Hush

    Man in a mask holding up a phone.

    11. Creep 2

    Man in a wolf mask drives a car

    12. The Bridge Curse

    Woman looking over someone's shoulder

    13. Insidious: Chapter 2

    Woman screams and points

    14. Hell Fest

    Hooded masked man holds a knife

    15. Sweetheart

    Woman on beach staring confused.

    16. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

    A scarecrow stands in a cornfield

    17. Malevolent

    Woman staring forward in a poorly lit house.

    18. It

    Pennywise the clown with a red balloon

    19. The Influence

    Woman grabs an ax off of a brick wall

    20. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

    Freddy Kruger looks through window blinds

    21. A Night on Elm Street (2010)

    Freddy extended his knife-laced finger glove toward a woman

    22. Fear Street Part 1: 1994

    Group of friends with headlamps on look rattled

    23. Fear Street Part 2: 1978

    Masked man holds a bloody ax

    24. Fear Street Part 3: 1666

    Girl in 1600's clothes smiles

    25. Kuntilanak (2018)

    A girl standing in the dark and there is someone behind her

    26. The Rental (2020)

    Man holds iPhone light up in the shower

    27. The Cave

    Man holds a flare in a cave and a monster is behind him on the ceiling

    28. The Call

    Girl on the phone

    29. Thir13en Ghosts

    Ghost with a cage around her head

    30. Ghosts of War

    Five soldiers approaching a chateau

    31. The Wind

    19th-century woman holds a gun while she looks out a door

    32. The Boy

    Boy doll on a pillow

    33. We Summon The Darkness

    A girl with her arms wrapped around two friends inside of a gas station.

    34. Crimson Peak

    Woman appearing afraid in the bathroom

    35. Girl On The Third Floor

    Man holding a drill

    36. Monster House

    Three children looking outside a window

    37. Demonic

    A group of ghost hunters in a home

    38. The Binding

    A girl looks over her shoulder while sitting by tree

    39. The Forest

    Woman looking down a path in the woods

    40. Texas Chainsaw 3D

    Leatherface stands in a factory at night

    41. Before I Wake

    Kid looks under his bed with a flashlight

    42. Army of the Dead

    Zombie tiger missing its nose, eye, and part of its cheek

    43. Hospital (2020)

    Woman looks frightened while she hugs a man

    44. In The Tall Grass

    Woman looks afraid in tall grass

    45. The Devil Below

    Woman looking bewildered

    46. Unfriended

    Skype call between friends

    47. Sinister 2

    Bogeyman standing in a dark hallway

    48. The Green Inferno

    Woman tied up in a canoe

    49. The Swarm

    Woman stands behind clear sheet

    50. The Doll

    Creepy doll lays in branches

    51. Choose or Die

    TV has graphic that says "Curs>r"

    52. The Doll 2

    Big-eyed creepy doll smiling

    53. Sabrina

    Bid-eyed creepy doll upside-down

    54. There’s Someone Inside Your House

    Two young girls in a school hallway

    Don't see your favorite? Odds are I have not watched it yet. If you have suggestions, please recommend them in the comments, because I am adding films weekly.