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    16 Ways Hedgehogs Put Cats To Shame

    Cats are vile creatures that only deserve your scorn. Hedgehogs, on the other hand, deserve your total affection.

    1. Hedgehogs bristle with delight when you wash them with a toothbrush.

    Cats just get angry.

    2. And did you know hedgehogs can turn into boats?

    Because cats can't...


    3. Nothing could ever come close to being as cute as this hedgehog.

    Not even close...

    4. Hedgehogs are master campers.

    Whereas cats are never satisfied with anything.

    5. A hedgehog will always greet you with a smile.


    6. Hedgehogs appreciate your knitted niceties.

    While cats will destroy everything you love.

    7. Baby hedgehogs are called hoglets and fit comfortably in your palm.

    Even adult hedgehogs can fit in your hand!

    And look at those ears!

    Cats loathe every second you touch them.

    8. While hedgehogs may try to make you coffee...

    ... Cats only care about themselves.

    9. Hedgehogs believe all animals should be free...


    ... Meanwhile cats follow an outdated autocracy.

    Disney / Via

    10. Ultimately, hedgehogs see us all as equals.

    Cats just see you as a food source.

    11. And while hedgehogs aren't afraid to get silly...

    ... Cats aren't afraid to kill.

    Books have even been written about this.

    12. Hedgehogs are happy acting like fools to make you smile...

    ... Cats will cherish your misery.

    13. Hedgehogs aim to spread love to everyone.

    Cats aim to make sure you are all alone. Always.

    14. And while hedgehogs are dashing masters of disguise...

    ... Cats are simply bad impostors.

    15. Hedgehogs also love to get dressed up...

    ... So do cats, but hedgehogs do it better.

    16. But it's okay. Hedgehogs will give anyone a second chance.

    Even cats.

    So seriously, #TeamHedgehog.

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