19 Majestic Fashions That Deserve A Comeback

You need them all in your life. Right now!

1. Overwhelmingly Puffy Shirts

Perfect for: Bringing pirate fashion back.

2. The Ever-Useful Sock Garter

Mid-Manhattan Library / Picture Collection / Via

Perfect for: Those desperate to win over the neighborhood corgi. Directions on how to make your own garters can be found here.

3. Tres Chic Elbow-Length Gloves

Carnival Films / Via

Perfect for: Hiding your unnaturally toned forearms.

4. Delightfully Puffy Colonial-Style Cravats

Perfect for: Puritanical Mass services, colonial reenactments, and longing for bygone days.

5. Baller Top Hats

Warner Brothers / Via

Perfect for: Pretending to be as badass as Lincoln.

6. Funktastic Zoot Suits

Douglas Miller / Getty / Hulton Archive

Perfect for: Straight dapper thugs.

7. Super-Fly Straight Collars

Warner Brothers / Via

Perfect for: Anyone with flabby necks that need hiding.

8. These! Bonnets?!

Perfect for: Hiding bad haircuts and making your grandmother nostalgic for the good ol’ days.

9. Ever-So-Huggable Baby Dresses

JFK Library / Via

Perfect for: Anyone hoping to be as manly as Ernest Hemingway. Seriously, that’s Ernest Hemingway.

10. Glorious Hoop Skirts

Perfect for: Keeping creeps out of grinding range at clubs.

11. The Ever-Gentlemanly Monocle

Perfect for: Compensating for your lack of personality.

12. Wicked Victorian Collars

Perfect for: Turning your boring life into a Gothic fantasy.

13. Stately Powdered Wigs

Columbia Pictures

Perfect for: Hiding your premature baldness.

14. Handy Pocket Watches

Perfect for: Cosplaying as the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.

15. Undoubtedly Manly Walking Sticks

Perfect for: Acting like a true dapper gentleman.

16. Totally Enviable Elizabethan Collars

Miramax Films

Perfect for: Being faaaaabulous!

17. Rideable Coattails

Perfect for: Emphasizing just how much people need you.

18. Holmsian Briar Pipes

Warner Brothers / Via

Perfect for: Seeming wise beyond your years.

19. Gift-Wrapped Children’s Bows

Perfect for: Those days you just want to give your children away.

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