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    20 Hidden Gems To Make You Fall In Love With NYC Again

    Think you know NYC? Well, get excited!

    1. The Old City Hall Subway Stop

    2. The Freedom Tunnel, Riverside Park Tunnel

    3. Part of the Berlin Wall, 520 Madison Ave.

    4. Network of Tunnels Beneath Columbia University

    General info: Hidden beneath Columbia University are a series of tunnels and rooms connecting the entirety of the campuses' buildings. The oldest tunnels apparently existed from the days when Columbia used to be a mental asylum.

    Accessibility: This is technically closed to the public. It is easier to get in with a Columbia ID, but it is still illegal.

    5. The Smallpox Hospital on Roosevelt Island

    6. The Blockhouse, Central Park North Woods

    7. The Irish Hunger Memorial, Corner of Vesey Street and North End Avenue

    8. Whispering Gallery in Grand Central Station

    9. The Garden of Stones, 36 Battery Place

    10. The Passageway Under 1251 Avenue of the Americas

    11. The United Nations Meditation Room, 777 44th St.

    12. 1st Street Garden, 48 East 1st St.

    13. The Statue of Lenin and "Red Square," 250 East Houston St.

    14. The Staten Island Boat Graveyard, 2453 Arthur Kill Road

    15. Kenkeleba House Garden and Gallery, 218 East 2nd St.

    16. The Atlantic Avenue Subway Tunnel, beneath Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill Historic Districts

    17. The Elevated Acre, 55 Water St.

    18. 5 Pointz, 45-46 Davis St.

    19. Loew's Theater, 4515 New Utrecht Ave.

    20. The Highline Section 3, 34th Street