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The 15 Go-To Drinks For Summer

Summer is the time for having adventures with your friends. And since it only lasts a couple of months, it's important you don't waste any time trying to decide which cocktails you're going to drink. So here are the beverages that are guaranteed to help you and your pals have a completely awesome summer.

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Jeremiah Weed is known for reviving us in the hottest of temperatures with Roadhouse Tea, Lightning Lemonade, and Spiked Cola flavors. ZZ Top will be relying on them heavily this summer, because they'll be kicking the summer off right by promoting the first song they've released in 9 years, called "I Got To Get Paid." Check it out on the right!

3. Daiquiris


Not all of us can afford an exotic vacation this summer, but that doesn't mean we can't drink like there's sand in our bathing suits. The rum in daiquiris are perfect for tricking our minds into thinking we're on a sequestered island, even if we're just in midtown.

4. Sangria


Sangria is wonderful because it comes with fruit, which means if you're on the beach and starving but you don't want to abandon your chaise lounge, you can order a pitcher and get enough energy to keep relaxing.

5. Mint Juleps


The Mint Julep is the traditional bourbon drink of the Kentucky Derby. You're supposed to drink it while wearing a glamorous and extravagant hat, but it also does the trick when you're looking to celebrate the fact that your boss finally learned your name.

7. Bloody Marys


If your summer fling decides to bail on you mid-summer (!!!), make yourself a Bloody Mary and all the vodka and Tabasco sauce will give you the kick in the behind that you really need to find another (better) one.

8. Piña Coladas


Piña Coladas originated in Puerto Rico, and they actually won't let you visit if you haven't developed a taste for them before you arrive. So to prepare for the possibility that you meet someone who offers to whisk you away, drink as many as you can because otherwise, you'll have to stay home.

9. Sex On The Beach


Even though the real thing is definitely better than any cocktail, the liquified version of Sex On The Beach ain't half bad. You can make it with either orange juice or pineapple juice, and it'll definitely perk you up when the other kind isn't readily available.

10. Blueberry Lemonades


Blueberry Lemonades are crisp and sweet, and the vodka is very good for helping you feel confident in swimwear. And don't worry about not having any free hands if your bikini comes undone — somebody will definitely come to your rescue (if not out of concern for you, then for a sip of your beverage).

11. Hurricanes


If terrible weather suddenly ruins your amazing beach day or postpones your barbeque, an easy solution is to grab yourself some rum and whip up a hurricane. That way, you still get to enjoy yourself AND show mother nature that she's going to have to try a lot harder to get you down.

12. John Dalys


John Dalys are like Arnold Palmers, except mixed in with the lemonade and iced tea is vodka. They are the best way you can reward yourself for golfing with your significant other's parents without making any dirty jokes.

13. Tom Collins


A Tom Collins is just a mixture of carbonated water, gin, lemon juice and sugar, so it's pretty easy to make. It's refreshing and well-respected, and is great when you want a night off from the fruity stuff.

14. Negronis


Negronis are Italian, and even though their color can make them seem innocent, they pretty serious cocktails. They are quite boozy concoctions and can hit you hard because they are usually consumed before meals, but let's be real: that's never stopped anyone.

15. Cucumber-Mint Gimlets


Don't spend the summer thinking the only things you can do with cucumbers are put them on your eyes and eat them in salads. Instead, educate yourself on their third use by lounging by the pool and drinking cucumber-mint gimlets.