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17 Moments Every Insomniac Will Relate To

Oh, it's 3AM? That's a great time to start thinking about your childhood bully

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1. You get into bed early. You are so ready for sleeping.

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2. Who doesn't love sleeping? Not you!

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3. You turn off the lights and pull up the covers

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4. Oh, wait, okay, you thought of something funny to tweet

@horror_memes / Via

5. For sure you're going to sleep NOW, though

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6. Wait, remember that kid in 3rd grade who was mean to you? You should think about him.

@ strong_introvert_vs_ms / Via

7. Wow, there are a LOT of things you should think about

@popemieki / Via

8. Maybe counting sheep will help

@barbellbookpress / Via

9. Oh, no, what was that noise!?

@tienntone / Via

10. So it seems like you're pretty wide awake.

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11. Fine! Fine! You'll just be awake then! You'll get up and do something! You'll bake a cake!

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12. Or you'll write something!

discovering_mj / Via

13. Until finally, you drift off to sleep

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14. Then the alarm goes off, like a nightmare monster

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15. It's only then that you realize how much you truly love sleep

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16. Still, you force yourself to go to work

17. And get the biggest cup of coffee they have. Because you're a hero. A sleepy, sleepy hero.

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