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15 Reasons To Start Using Hot Rollers Right Now

They'll make you look like a Disney Princess and save you 15 minutes in the morning

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1. Women who use them know hot rollers create crazy beautiful Disney princess curls

2. Seriously, Disney Princesses would WISH they had your hair

3. Using them is easy. Just take a strand of your hair (about an inch worth) and roll it around the hot roller. Begin at the bottom of your hair, and roll up towards the scalp, until it looks kind of like this:

4. Then pin them with hair clips, and walk away. Your hands are free! You're free!

5. Look, no hands!

6. The same can't be said for curling irons

7. Or hair straighteners.

8. Hot rollers also omit less heat than straighteners or curling irons, so they're less likely to damage your hair.

9. While your hair is curling you can do your make-up...

i love doing my makeup, when i'm all done i'm like.....there she is...the baddest bitch ever oh my god boo what's good i missed u

Twitter: @intelIigibIe

10. Or read a magazine...

11. Or eat a beautiful assortment of pancakes...

12. Or, I guess, go to the grocery store? You do you!

13. After ten or fifteen minutes you un-pin them and unroll them...

14. And reveal your gorgeous, bouncy curls

15. So you can spend the rest of the day feeling like a pin-up girl.

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