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5 Car Cleaning Tricks

Cleaning the inside of your car can be a real pain. You should use these tips to make cleaning your car easy and fast.

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Cleaning Animal Hair Off Seats

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Tip 1: Spray your seats with water then use a squeegee on your seat. This will cause the hair to clump, making it easy to vacuum up.

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Tip 2: Start by vacuuming your floor mats. Then use your favorite carpet cleaner and scrub your mats. If you have road salt stains, use a 50/50 mixture of distilled vinegar and warm water, instead of carpet cleaner.

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Tip 3: If your headlights are foggy use toothpaste and water and wash your headlights in a circular motion.

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Tip 4: Dirt and crumbs build up in the seams of your seat cushions. Use a toothbrush to clean the crumbs out and making it easier to vacuum.

Dusting Air Vents / Via

Tip 5: Air vents get dusty. Use a Q-tip or small paint sponge to clean them.

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