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19 Things People With Endometriosis Are Pretty Damn Sick Of

"Maybe the pain is just in your head." ER CAN YOU NOT?

1. People who say "it's just period pain" drive you crazy.

2. It can take a long, long time for endometriosis to be officially confirmed by a medical professional.

3. And doctors often don't take you seriously.

4. Keeping a diary can help you to get diagnosed.

5. The pain isn't always in your stomach.

6. Some doctors casually tell you to have a baby.

7. Some other doctors put pressure on you to "have started and finished your family by xx age".

8. Wearing tight clothing isn't really a possibility.

9. Tampons really aren't our friend.

10. Heat patches and hot water bottles, however, are your BFF.

11. And you're the go-to girl in your friend group if someone needs an emergency pad or painkiller.

12. The sanitary product adverts where women race around gleefully rollerskating make you angry.

13. You can never white trousers or skirts in case of a leak.

14. And your irregular cycle really stresses you out.

15. There's nothing like the horror of standing or uncrossing your legs and feeling a clot or a large clump come out.

16. Many of us try every form of contraception going.

17. Sex can be painful if you have endometriosis.

18. We know we're always oversharing, sorry.

19. And remember, endometriosis is an invisible illness.

This list represents one person's experience with endometriosis. If you're affected by endometriosis, you don't have to go through it alone. Endometriosis UK have support groups and a wealth of information online. Or, if you're based in the U.S., contact The Endometriosis Association.