We Made Homemade Makeup And It Was A Damn Challenge

    "We are applying our efforts to actually making the makeup that we love so much."

    Making your own makeup is definitely something to be applauded. It's a lot like cooking, except instead of putting the food in your body, you put it ON your body. Ladylike tried being "chefs of beauty" and here's what happened:

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    Each pair of women was tasked with making one eyeliner and one lipstick.

    Saf and Jen's lipstick recipe contained beetroot powder, beeswax, shea butter and coconut oil.

    They seemed confident that they were following the recipe perfectly, and more importantly, they made sure that the ingredients tasted goooood:

    Chantel and Devin's recipe called for aloe vera gel, coconut oil and non-toxic crayons (oh yeah, get that color!).

    During the process, Devin discovered she had a real knack for chopping small things into small pieces:

    After placing their lipsticks in molds, the women put them in the fridge to cool down. Then, it was time to make eyeliner! Saf and Jen's eyeliner just had two simple ingredients, almonds and coconut oil:

    However, they soon discovered that charring individual almonds and smashing them up to use the ash kinda took FOREVER. Luckily, Jen had some charred almonds she'd prepared earlier:

    Chantel and Devin's recipe was a little more complex, and they needed coconut oil, aloe vera gel and activated charcoal powder:

    But, they were super into the color they made. It was extremely ~ sultry and sexy ~ :

    Finally, it was time to try the products out! Saf and Jen found that their eyeliner dried kind of "clear," making it hard to tell if they had enough on and when they were done applying it. It also took awhile to create the thicker lines they wanted.

    Chantel and Devin had a similar experience. They found their eyeliner was "very easy to wipe off...which makes it hard to put on."

    When it came to the lipstick, Jen and Saf felt that theirs was very moisturizing, but that it was more like "a lip scrub." They thought it looked good, but definitely like "lip gloss" rather than a pigmented lipstick:

    For Chantel and Devin, the problem was that they had gotten a little too happy with the crayons, they'd used so much wax, that they couldn't get the lipstick on! However, with perseverance, they managed to bring some nice color to their lips:

    In the end, all of the women had fun "cooking" their own makeup. They all recognized that maybe the makeup didn't work as well as they wanted it to because it was their first time making it and they didn't really know what to do. Professor Jen summed it up VERY intellectually, saying: