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We Tracked Down This Woman's First Crush...And Made Them Skype

"When middle school dreams come true."

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Remember when you were a young'un and experienced your first crush? When they walked into a room, you immediately had butterflies and sweaty palms. Years later, this woman reconnected with her first crush, and it was like they never missed a beat.

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She introduces her seventh-grade crush, Nick, with a little smile on her face.

I have a good feeling about this, like, he already sounds adorbs.

OMG! Who can forget that feeling? When you were acting brave because your crush had no idea you existed. We’ve all been there.

Then when you finally do interact with them, your game is nonexistent.

Ugh, if only you knew then what you know now.

AHH, that moment when they reconnected...told you it was like they didn’t miss a beat. LOOK AT GAWD

I'm so happy this isn't weird. They're reminiscing! This is actually adorable.

People, he had a crush on her too! This day just got 10 times better!

Then he asks the big question and she responds with the answer he wanted!

The victory dance is just too fuckin' cute.

And when he finds out she’s single, his response is even cuter!

She said yes! After all these years of waiting for him to step up to bat!

Thank GAWD for men like Nick.

Thank you!

Shout out to BuzzFeed for playin' Cupid too. Hopefully we get an update.