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What Are Your Best Life-Hacks For Actually Managing Your Time?

Did you know Beyoncé has just as many hours in day as we do? Terrifying.

Confession: I suck at time management, and have my whole life!


So much so, I was supposed to write this post on Tuesday and it's now Thursday. The irony my friends, the irony!!!!

I'm that friend in the group chat that says, "On my way!" as I'm stepping into the shower...


Unfortunate but true!

SO, I need some help from you, champions of time!! What are your tips, tricks, and life-hacks when it comes to time management?

Maybe you set your clocks forward slightly so you actually have more time than you think.


Perhaps it's having an accountability buddy when you work on assignments, deadlines, and daily to-do lists.


Maybe you've bought something like this 60 minute visual timer that reminds you that time is passing by while performing daily tasks at home, school, or work.


Set it and don't forget it.

Your best advice might be to get rid of technological distractions all together?!


Whatever the tip or trick is I'd love to hear what it is and *why* you find it helpful! Sound off below in the comments to be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!