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What Are You Doing For Your Mental Health Right Now?

🎶We're all in this together 🎶

Hello from my living room couch! Things are a little (ok, a lot) stressful right now. We're all facing a global pandemic head-on and doing our part to self-isolate and quarantine.


While *we're all in this together*, we also all have different ways we're attending to our mental health.


We'd love to hear what YOU are doing for your mental health right now.

Maybe you've made a point to unplug a little each day and do a puzzle.


Or you're committed to binge-watching every new show on Netflix...


Start with Love Is Blind, you're welcome.

Maybe you've figured out how to use technology to keep you connected like Netflix Party and Zoom.


Perhaps you've taken on a new fitness challenge to do virtually with friends? Or you found an old treadmill in the basement!


Look, we're doing our best, ok?

Whatever tips and tricks are keeping you uplifted these days, we'd love to hear them! Sound off below in the comments to be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!

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