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    14 Things That'll Keep Your Feet Warm All Winter Long

    Give me a pair of these heated slippers and you won't see me 'till spring!

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    1. A reversible heated blanket you'll be thankful for in the dead of winter when you can't feel your toes. Curl up under this sherpa safe haven for the warmest cuddle sesh of your life.

    2. A set of five pairs of not-too-thick wool socks you can wear inside your winter boots for an added layer of warmth. Plus, they're just fun colors and winter can be a dark, bland time of year: throw some pastels into the mix!

    3. A bulk pack of toe warming shoe inserts so warm they'll last eight hours. I personally think they missed a huge opportunity by not calling them Hot PotaTOEs, but we can't have it all.

    4. A pair of rubber-soled boots designed with stylish waterproof leather and a fur-lined interior. Look cool, stay warm.

    5. A pair of slippers that are guaranteed to keep your feet toasty all winter long.

    6. A pair of muck waterproof boots, because wet feet = cold feet, so keep those puppies out of the slush.

    7. A foot pod massager specially designed with a heat setting so you can warm your feet AND get a massage?! Idk what else you want from me really.

    8. A pair of merino wool inserts to make the shoes you already own that much warmer this winter. They're made of moisture wicking material and designed with a high arch for maximum support.

    9. A heated under-desk carpeted floormat for anyone with a cold office.

    10. A heated massager bath because, again, why warm your feet when you could also massage them and have a full spa day in your living room?

    11. An electric ultra-plush foot warming pad for anyone whose sole objective this winter is to curl up on the couch all night and not be cold.

    12. A pair of fleece-lined tights so you can have all the warmth without all the bulk!

    13. A pair of in-bed slippers you wrap around your chilly feet underneath the covers, and get this, they require no power!

    14. And finally, a hot water bottle with the most adorable knit sweater to keep your feet warm and your heart a-glow.

    Trying to get through January like...

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